Power Meditation: Integration In the Everyday

4 Monday Evenings 9/23, 9/30, 10/7 and 10/14
TIME: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in Virginia Beach, VA

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With Power Meditation, you access parts of Mind that allow you to easily embody powerful new ways of being. These new ways of being are attuned to your deepest desires … experiences such as:

aligned and powerful Being So Rooted in Peace that You Become Unshakable

aligned and powerful Getting Deep Insights About Life and Your Place in It

aligned and powerful Developing Trust and Faith in Yourself and Your Life

aligned and powerful Expanding the Sense of the Sacred, Ease and Flow in the Everyday

aligned and powerful Seeing Who You Truly Are

How This Works

These 4 sessions are designed to help you embody the Qualities that would have the greatest impact for you and your life now. No thinking is required, you simply come into a quiet and powerful space, that has been created specifically for you, and the group gathering. In this series, you will be choosing from a special group of scrolls that will guide you in your practice, and heighten the powerful qualities you want to integrate into your daily life!

Then, those who want to share their experience with others, connect, and be supported in community, can do so toward the end to the sessions.

This is a quiet yet powerful program to help you integrate your Higher Soul Qualities into your everyday experience.

Options for Registering

BulletGreen2 Power Program BulletGreen2

This is the option for those who can attend all 4 sessions, or who want a deeper experience, and daily support, throughout the duration of this series. With this option, you’ll receive short, yet powerful messages to help to deepen your daily practice, and the natural benefits that come with that ! Each message takes no more than 5 minutes, yet creates a powerful foundation for the day ahead! You’ll stay focused and on target with the experiences you truly want to expand in your life now. These messages will be delivered to your inbox daily, for 21 transformative days (9/23 -10/14).


PLUS 21 Days of Short, Powerful Daily Tools

and Messages to Deepen Your Experience

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