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Power Meditation

Sessions: Mondays 7 PM  to 9 PM February 3, 10, 17 and 24th



In this series you will activate a powerful way of being that’s in harmony with the vibration of 2014, to produce great results. Every year carries a unique energy signature that acts like a support structure for our spiritual development and greater joy. When we are in are harmony with this vibration, we feel supported, and life flows easily.

We can receive guidance in a number of ways, but people sometimes misinterpret the support that is available for them, due to their personal filters. But this uplifting energy is always there for us, and will carry us where we want to go, as we harmonize with it.


Power Meditation is the perfect tool to get this done!


Instructions: You can listen to the audio on this page by using the audio players for the sections you want to review. To download specific sections or meditations  to your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the download links and Choose “Save Target As” and save the file in your media library on your PC.

Session 1 Monday February 3

BulletOrangeSession 1 Meditation 1: Clearing for the The New Year

Runtime: 17 Minutes 15 Seconds


BulletOrangeAbout Intentions and Goals

As the energy moves forward  quickly, it’s important to be aligned with your deeper desires.

Runtime: 11 Minutes 1 Second


BulletOrangeSession 1 Meditation 2: Meeting Your Horse Seeing Your Intentions

Runtime: 18 Minutes 23 Seconds



Session 2 Monday February 10

BulletOrangeSession 2: Welcome and Sharing Your Experiences From this Past Week

Runtime: 25 minutes 40 Seconds


BulletOrangeSession 2 Meditation 1: Being One with Your Horse

Runtime: 14 Minutes 51 Seconds


BulletOrangeSession 2 Meditation 2: Feeling Supported & Reaching New Heights in the Year Ahead

Runtime: 18 Minutes 17 Seconds


BulletOrangeSession 2: Sharing Your Meditation Experience and Exercise for Upcoming Week

Runtime: 37 Minutes 31 Seconds


Session 3 Monday February  17

BulletOrange Session 3: Opening and Sharing What is Opening Up for You

Length: 27:30 


BulletOrange Session 3: What Awesome Is for You, and Redefining “the F Word” ( aka Failure haha) 

Length 24:23

In this discussion we explore our personal definition of awesome and redefine “failure” in a very powerful way. Clear intentions and a powerful context allow us to harness this year’s energy in a peacefully productive way.


 BulletOrangeSession 3 Meditation 1: Feeling the Energy of the Earth Moving Us

Length: 14:14


BulletOrange Session 3 Meditation 2: Riding Your New Awesome

Length: 17:00


BulletOrange Session 3: Sharing Your New Definition of  Awesome

Length: 25:29

BulletOrange Session 3: Exercise for the Upcoming Week Explained

Length: 4:42


Session 4 Monday February  24

Wow, here we are on our fourth and final Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2014! It’s been such a pleasure working with all of you. Alex and I love sharing the journey with you! if you have any questions, let us know! We love you, we appreciate you, and we are here for you! Many Blessings!
BulletOrange Welcome and Centering

Length: 1:51

BulletOrange Opening and Sharing What’s Happening

Length: 33:02

BulletOrange Preparation for First Meditation

Length: 1:50

BulletOrange Guided Meditation 1: Exploring Relationships

Length: 19:45

BulletOrange Sharing Your Experience Meditation 1

Length: 16:30

BulletOrange Support, Collaboration and Enrolling Others as You Ride the Energy of 2014

Length: 21:01

BulletOrange Self-Guided Meditation: Peaceful Co-Creation

Length: 8:36

BulletOrange Recommendations and Closing

Length: 14:22






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