Play More, Work Less


If something feels hard, it doesn’t have to stay that way!

In this week’s training video, you’ll discover the gift you can give yourself in any moment that will transform work into play and hard into easy. As you follow your inspiration, you may bump up against resistance. What’s new or different might feel hard, or maybe you’ve been pushing yourself, or have in the past. When we jump from one thing to the next, we make a job out of our lives, and we rob ourselves of joy and the magic and wonder of being alive in a physical body. It is what you are committing to day-by-day that determines the quality of your journey. You get to choose and it can be fun! Discover more in this week’s video message!  

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Time To Feel More Of Life’s Magic:  How About Now? 


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Elari Onawa

Author of “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!” I’ve been coaching and leading Life Purpose and Self-Discovery programs since 2003. Prior to that, I led large organizations for 20+ years, helping them align with their dreams and goals. If you're looking for more meaning and fulfillment if you're ready for more awesome ...I can help you have that!
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