Are you giving your power away? Time to reclaim it!

To all those who have felt frustrated or worried when they didn’t get the results they really wanted! Here’s your opportunity to reclaim your power!

Anytime we use something external to ourselves, as a means of defining who we are, we give our power away. We are making ourselves dependent on external circumstances… in order to feel worthy, safe, or happy, for example. When we give away our power, we come to know fear.

If you want to experience true confidence, the kind that is rooted in peace and “unshakeability”, you must embrace who you truly are. When you see yourself on aElari Onawa deeper level, you do not need outside validation or approval. More on that in a later post. If we begin with a commitment to truly believe in ourselves, we’re able to play in the world of form, without becoming overly-identified with the outcomes we experience. We are free when we no longer are motivated by a need for outside approval or validation. When we become the source of our own approval, we can choose from a powerful fuel source, from joy. This is what it means to be Self-realized.

So here are some examples of what over-identification, or attaching our self-worth, to something outside ourselves looks like.
Let’s look at the area of money first. If we identify ourselves with the money we have, then we will feel “less than”, or fearful when the supply in our bank accounts become less. This identification also feeds the need to always have more. And as long as this attachment remains, you cannot experience “enough”, or “more than enough”, regardless of the size of your bank account. You cannot get to more than enough when you believe you are “not enough”!

Here’s another example.

If we are overly-identified with a particular political party, we will naturally feel threatened, anxious, or angry when “the right” candidate loses. From this vantage point, we’d be placing the responsibility for our well-being on a particular outcome. And there’s no power in that.

If we think we are our jobs, we may find ourselves locked into a position, long after we’re ready to leave it, or we may experience deep loss and an “identity crisis” when that position eventually goes away.

Here’s another example of identifying ourselves with outside circumstances.

If we believe we have to have a relationship with another, in order to feel complete or loved, we can not attract or build the type of relationship we truly desire, one that is built on mutual respect and love.
In each of these examples, there’s an assumption that what we want, can be found outside of ourselves. These goals and desires never manifest, because they run counter to who we already are, and to the soul’s desire to evolve in consciousness.

If we become overly-identified with anything outside ourselves, it also induces a need to defend, or make others right or wrong, depending on where they stand relative to that particular job, tribe or opinion. We see this playing out in mainstream news all the time, and it gets us nowhere.


Freedom comes when we choose to be the source of our own approval.

To see where you may be giving away your power, notice where you feel strong emotions, like fear, anger, or disappointment when you don’t like a particular outcome. What did you make the event mean? The answer will tell you how you are giving your power away. The answer always points to being dependent upon an external condition, in order to feel a certain way… in other words, safe, happy or prosperous, for example.

But when you become the source of your own approval, you know that your needs will always be met, not by something outside yourself, but rather from the only source that is unshakable, your own higher nature, your divine, beautiful self.

You can begin to know more freedom when you’re willing to believe that you are more magnificent and powerful, than you may currently be claiming for yourself.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and try this on; “I am peaceful and powerful. I am absolutely amazing. And I am choosing right here and now… to be the source of my own approval! And so it is!”

With love, 


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How amazing are you? Let yourself count the ways!

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