Power Meditation Session 4: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015


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Welcome to Session 4 of  Power Meditation: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015! 

In session 4 we’ll be exploring a powerful way to invite others to ride the wave with you in harmony with this year’s supportive energy! You’ll find out what support looks like for you!



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Welcome and What’s Up?

Length: 20:21


Guided Meditation: Using this Energy to Create Beautiful Relationships

By now, you’ve noticed changes in your energy and in your ability to manage energy with greater ease.  And if you’re doing the practices, you’ve produced some amazing results and experiences! How can you  invite others to ride the wave with you,  in harmony with this years supportive energy?

Length: 22:19



What Do You Want to Create In Your Relationships This Year? 

Follow along and journal your responses. Let the energy and insights from the previous meditation guide you!

Length: 8:12


Group Discussion, Sharing Experiences and Discoveries  

Length: 15:47


Defining Support Inside Relationships

Length: 20:22


Guided Meditation: Seeing Your New Way of Being In Relationship with Others 

You’ll be writing when you come out of this meditation. NOTE: There is a spot in the meditation where you will be seeing yourself writing.  You’ll  be doing this inside the meditation , so it’s not a queue for you to open your eyes. Just follow along and relax. I will  ring a bell when it’s time to come out.

Length: 9:17



Length: 3;32


Your  Recommended Practice Between Now and Your Next Message 

We recommend staying with a morning practice.  Review your intentions in the morning and tell your Animal Guide what you are co-creating that day. Then in the evening, write down your awesome results! That sense of accomplishment and peace you will feel is priceless!


Closing Thoughts

You’ve just experienced 16 days of tuning to a higher frequency, to be in harmony alex_elari_lifeisgood_webwith the supportive energies of the year. As you continue to observe what is happening around you, you’ll find that it is now easier to remain in that peaceful, space of the empowered observer.

We never have to be a victim to the moods, or energies of those around us. Allow yourself to be supported by this peaceful and sure-footed energy! You are powerful, and have the ability to manage your energy with grace and ease. Using the practice of Power Meditation allows you to refine and hone these powerful abilities, just as an artist becomes an expert, as she uses the tools for her chosen art form. It is for this reason, that we recommend that you continue to connect with your animal guide throughout the day, and especially in the morning to anchor your preferences and intentions for the day ahead!

Much Love to You!

Elari and Alex

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