Power Meditation Session 3: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015


Alex and ElariWelcome to *Session 3* of Power Meditation: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015! Feel free to download the recordings or listen to them here. As with all copy-written materials, these recordings are for your private use only.

> In session 3, you’ll discover how to use this energy to produce awesome results! We’ll also help you see the Unconditional Support that is already available to you . You just need to be open to receiving it. We will guide you through the alignment with that in this session!

Here’s to your awesomeness!

Alex and Elari


audio_listenAudio Download Instructions: From your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD link and choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”.  If you prefer, you can also listen directly from your device by clicking on the play button for each recording. For improved performance, save the file to your computer or device and listen from there.


BulletBlue2Session 3

What are you happy about today? What new heights have emerged for you since the last session?

 Welcome and Unfolding Experiences

Length: 25:59


Defining Awesome!

What do awesome results look like? 

  1. Allow your mind to open and stretch your thinking.
  2. Is it just about the results, about the journey or both?
  3. Is awesome hard or easy?

Let’s explore!

Length: 53:02


Attuning to Your New Awesome Meditation

Length: 19:43


Closing and This Week’s Practice

Length: 24:47


Your Practice Between Now and Next Session

Each morning breathe deeply and greet your animal guide, tell your animal guide what  you are creating that day, and what you are going to let yourself receive! *Look at your New Definition of Awesome!* Be with it, and feel yourself having embodied that!

Then each evening, write down a few words on one line on the back of your Awesome Card which capture what you experienced that day, from this new energy.  Write down the awesome experiences you are celebrating today!

When we look for evidence of awesome, when we allow ourselves to see and feel that … we make it so!

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Your Next Session: You will receive an email with a link to your next session in 4 days. This allows you time to integrate the discussion and energies of this session, before moving on to session 4. Use your daily practice and claim your awesomeness! 

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