Power Meditation Session 1: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015


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Welcome to *Session 1* of Power Meditation: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015 Group Page! 

> In this first session we’ll close out the prior year powerfully, and you’ll find out why that’s a really good thing to do! We’ll also begin to explore the qualities and attributes of the vibration of 2015!


What You’ll Need For the Sessions Ahead: You’ll want to have a notebook and favorite pen handy for all sessions. And a glass of water is always a good idea as well.  We’ll also be using index cards for some of the practices and exercises in these sessions. If you don’t have these, you can use a piece of paper, folded in half.

*As with any meditative practice, only use these recordings when you can be fully immersed in them, in a safe way. Never listen to any guided meditation while driving or doing something that requires your full attention.


audio_listenAudio Download Instructions: From your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD link and choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”. Save the file to your computer. If you prefer, you can also listen directly from your device by clicking on the play button for each recording. Feel free to download the recordings or listen to them here.  As with all copy-written materials, these recordings are for your private use, enjoy!


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Welcome and What Is Power Meditation?

alex_elari_lifeisgood_webAs you discovered on the welcome page, Power Meditation is a practice for stepping out of the materially-focused way of relating to ourselves and the world…to a level of gently focused, intentional consciousness, so that we can transcend limitations in our thinking, and create, and anchor new beliefs, and new empowering ways of being . Power Meditation allows us to step out of the habits of reacting to external stimuli, and disempowering mental chatter, so we can create what we truly want. It also leverages the power of your subconscious mind. We recommend this practice, because it allows you to live from your inner power, regardless of what is happening around you. In this way you can be the master of your own reality.

In this series we will be using Power Meditation to anchor a powerful new way of being that harnesses the energies of the upcoming year. Each year has a unique energy blueprint to assist us in our soul growth and evolution. When we know how to harness these energies, life flows easily, and we can remain detached in a very healthy way from the drama of right/wrong survival-based thinking.  With this healthy detachment, we can see things as they truly are, and be of powerful service to ourselves and others.

Length: 23:35


Power Meditation Experience

Length 5:43


New Year, New Energy Discussion

The key elements of this year’s energies are sure-footedness, peace in action, seeing new ways of being and doing that harness the energies harmony, flowing and allowing. In other words creating through  nonresistance, rather than the energies of resistance that can show up as …  pushing, forcing, willing, struggling.  You could say that this year teaches us the “The Kingdom” of all vibrations,  as in the inner kingdom, or as above so  below. Like all energies it supports self-responsibility, and our evolution.

If we avoid lessons and fears or prefer to stay in victim-hood, we will be in for a very  rough ride. As you go into the energies of this year, you will most likely notice some emotional stuff emerging ,especially the energies of worry.  What becomes available to us when we observe, choose and create from a place of peace and sure-footededness? We stay positive, and open, we do not put demands on the universe, instead we have preferences while trusting that the universe has your back!

This year’s energy is not about following others, but rather following one’s highest self! So this energy is not about rescuing others. Be aware of this, as you will see this playing out in others. We are always of highest service when we hold others in a higher lightbelieving in them and  ourselves to  arise to our  challenges,  and fears. For when we face them with honesty and compassion, we can transcend them!

Length: 15:59


Completion and Clearing Writing Exercise

The Purpose of completion is to acknowledge yourself for what you’ve learned and accomplished. You may also want to look at how you’ve grown, and what you appreciate about a particular aspect of your journey. In addition, when we complete (or close) something, we’re also seeing, and then letting go of any judgments we may be holding about ourselves, or the events that have transpired. Doing so, allows us to create from a clear and powerful space, free from any limiting vantage-points about the past!

Length: 19:01


Meditation: Completing Last Year, Creating Clear Space for the Year Ahead

Length: 14:56


Sharing Meditation Experience, Purpose of Cleansing (Completion)

Length: 31:57


New Year Energy Meditation

Length: 15:59


Meeting Your Power Animal Sharing Experience, Practice for this Week

Length: 32:13


Your Practice Between Now and the Next Session: 

The magic and Power of LoveTrust in goodness, even if you cannot yet see it. Practice breathing in peace, and exhaling any concerns you may have throughout the day! Smile and know that all is well. Trust yourself to softly focus on your good, and you’ll start to feel grace at work in your life.

Affirm my heart knows what is best for me. Then choose from this powerful place.

Go back into the garden and connect with your Spirit Animal Guide at least once. Journal your experience if you like. Allow yourself to feel supported by your 2015 energy companion!

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Your Next Session: You will receive an email with a link to your next session in 4 days. This allows you time to integrate the discussion and energies of this session, before moving on to session 2. Practice the feeling of peace and enjoy! What might open up for you in this peaceful, surefooted vibration? 


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