Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015


Welcome to Power Meditation: Harmonizing with the Vibration of 2015! 

In this series you will activate a powerful way of being that’s in harmony with the vibration of 2015, to produce amazing results!

Every year carries a unique energy signature that acts like a support structure for our spiritual development and greater joy. When we are in harmony with this vibration, we feel supported, and life flows easily. We can receive guidance in a number of ways, but we may sometimes misinterpret the support that’s  available to us, due to our personal filters.

But this uplifting energy is always there for us, and it  will carry us where we want to go, as we harmonize with it. And Power Meditation is the perfect tool to get this done!


What Is Power Meditation

Power Meditation is a practice for stepping out of the materially-focused way of relating to ourselves and the world…to a level of gently focused, intentional consciousness, so that we can transcend limitations in our thinking, and create, and anchor new beliefs, and new empowering ways of being . Power Meditation allows us to step out of the habits of reacting to external stimuli, and disempowering mental chatter, so we can create what we truly want. It also leverages the power of your subconscious mind.

We recommend this practice, because it allows you to live from your inner power, regardless of what is happening around you. In this way you can be the master of your own reality.

In this series we will be using Power Meditation to anchor a powerful new way of being that harnesses the energies of the upcoming year. Each year has a unique energy blueprint to assist us in our soul growth and evolution. When we know how to harness these energies, life flows easily, and we can remain detached in a very healthy way from the drama of right/wrong survival-based thinking.  With this healthy detachment, we can see things as they truly are, and be of powerful service to ourselves and others! Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

So let’s get started! CLICK HERE NOW TO GO TO SESSION 1!

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