What If There Are No Problems?

If you have a persistent situation that you’d like to change, but it hasn’t — then that area calls for a different approach. In fact, in this week’s message, you will discover a powerful way of benefiting from unwanted situations, of actually playing in a way that gets you what you truly want, in a way that lights you up, and amplifies life’s magic! Very cool!

Length: 9 Soul-Nourishing Minutes! 

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Here are the questions I ask at the end of the video. Time to expand what’s possible!

So, thinking of the unwanted situation, answer these four questions:

1. What could expand for me, if I saw my opportunities in this situation?

2. How is this situation helping me grow, learn or see in a more clear, empowering way?

3. What does this situation tell me about myself and what I truly want or value?

4. Now that I see the opportunity, what will I now put into place to benefit from this?

And so it is!

You’ve just discovered something that will allow you to navigate the world around you in a very powerful, easy-breezy fulfilling and expansive way, one that is free from “problems”, and instead is filled with rewarding opportunities. Here’s to experiencing more awesome and more of life’s magic!

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