How To Discover Your Next Brilliant Idea!

If you’re ready to tune into some amazing ideas, you’re in the perfect place! In this week’s training message, you’ll get 5 ways to discover your next brilliant idea. You can also apply these powerful abilities to make a current idea or project even better.  You have access to an infinite supply of guidance, solutions, inspiration, and brilliance … when you know how to find them! Awesome, right?

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How To Discover Your Next Brilliant Idea

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Self-Discovery and Life On Purpose Coach since 2003 and I’m also the author of Just Believe How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!

Welcome to messages for living on purpose from your version of awesome.

In last week’s video “Yes You Can: A 2-Minute Tuner Upper” you received a quick tool you can use anytime to expand your concept of what’s possible, or to increase your energy and confidence. And your bonus article was all about celebrating life, all of it, including the challenges, because those moments give us the opportunity to grow and move forward wiser. It’s always good to get the wisdom, right! This week, we’re going to move into another powerful aspect of living on purpose, from your definition of awesome. Welcome to this week’s message “How To Discover Your Next Brilliant Idea!”

Here Are 5 Awesome Ways To Find Your  Next Brillant Idea: 

1. Let’s jump right in with a quote from one of the most brilliant minds of all time, Albert Einstein. Our friend Albert had this to say about ideas and eureka moments. “All great discoveries are made by those whose feelings run ahead of their thinking.” This is very powerful. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, everything and everyone is energy. So, this means that you are a conscious energy or spiritual being, and your mind is a powerful transmitter and receiver. So, how do know what frequency you are transmitting? Well, you know by how you feel. If you feel happy, you’re emitting and spreading the frequency or energy of happiness, and that also means that you’ll attract and find more experiences, things, and people in that same frequency. So, when you’re looking for your next brilliant idea, and I know you have access to an infinite number of them, you have to move out of searching, and cultivate the energy of finding! So, when Albert said; ”All great discoveries are made by those whose feelings run ahead of their thinking”… he was saying; ask the question and then step out of that energy (of searching) to finding and having! Why is this so important? Because the energy of a question is very different from the answer. So, cultivate the feeling of “I’ve got it! This is awesome, what an amazing discovery!” In doing so, you’re getting your feelings ahead of your thinking, so you can have what you want! If this is new to you, or you’d like a refresher on how to easily shift a belief or feeling, see my book “Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!” or check out some of these other awesome ways to discover your next brilliant idea.

2. Think about how you felt the last time you had a moment of inspiration or insight that just seemed to drop out of nowhere. Do you remember how that felt? Can you feel that now? Keep feeling what it was like to have that flash of insight. Didn’t that feel great and expansive and satisfying? As you do this, you are tuning into that frequency of insight and you’re in the receiving mode, so you can receive brilliant ideas! Now, take out a piece of paper and write down as many ideas, as quickly as you can in your chosen area. Don’t think, write fast. Let the inspiration keep flowing to you and through you. The key is to write quickly, so you don’t start analyzing or evaluating, as that changes the energy from receiving to evaluating. You might even want to set a four-minute timer and see how many brilliant ideas you can receive!

3. Do something completely different and step into the unknown. Go to Youtube or Google and search for what’s trending or happening out there in art, biology, technology, physics, music, philosophy, business, the environment, the culinary arts, and you get the idea. Immerse yourself in topics that you wouldn’t normally explore. Do this over the course of a few days or hours, and all kinds of ideas will begin to ignite inside that wonderful mind of yours! In fact, this is something you may want to do on purpose, on a regular basis as it broadens your perspective and the possibilities for even more fun and fulfilling ideas and experiences in your awesome life. When you do this, you are fueling your curiosity and telling the universe, give me more cool stuff to play with! Which is not only fun, it’s expansive!

4. Critique an idea. Now, this suggestion might seem counterintuitive, but it will actually help you take an idea and make it even better. Look at an idea, and ask yourself; what’s missing or off about the idea? You could also ask; why won’t it work? What doesn’t feel right about it yet? What could make it even better? Then step into the receiving mode to get the answer. This quick exercise can help you move a good or great idea into absolute brilliance because you’ve covered different aspects that you may not have otherwise considered. Very cool!

5. Have fun combining ideas. For example, Gutenberg invented the printing press by combining a wine press with a coin punch. And of course, the rest is history! What could you put together from technology and psychology, for example? Is there something you’ve recently seen in a store or a movie that could be used in a different way or for a different purpose? Creativity and inspiration can come from anywhere — nature, politics, medicine, literature, a random comment, a young child, the lyrics of a song. You get the idea! The possibilities are truly limitless!

So, there you have it- How To Discover Your Next Brilliant Idea! When it comes to your next awesome idea, the key is to have fun, with any or all of these five powerful ways for owning your brilliance. Play and let yourself to be delighted! Do that, and you’ll be so present to life’s magic!

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