Moving from Worried to Wonderful

transformational coachingI’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about dealing with stress and worry. So let’s look at some of the underlying causes, and how to move into a better feeling way-of-being.

We’ve all felt stress and worry. If we’re in human form, we’ve felt that way at some point. Yet, we don’t want to stay there for all of the obvious health-related  reasons. We also want to recognize that those feelings are actually a good thing, if we understand the message they’re delivering. It’s not the emotion that’s the problem. Rather, it’s what’s causing that emotion that’s important to get. All emotions, including worry and stress, follow our vantage-point, or how we’re currently assessing the events in our lives. This, like all habits are cultivated day-to-day.

Fortunately, you have something that helps you see which perspectives are helping you, and which ones are not. Like the yellow-alert status on the Starship Enterprise, worry and stress tell us to pay attention. These emotions are telling us that we’re not focusing in a way that allows us to experience what we really want—things like ease, happiness, confidence, freedom and exciting new possibilities!

In the case of worry and stress, that can mean that you’re seeing a problem as bigger than you are or God is … taking on too much responsibility … or focusing more on what’s not working, rather than what is.

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All of these ways of seeing life, create the emotions of worry and stress, just as surely as turning to see:

– how amazing you are…
– what’s truly yours to handle (and what’s not) or…
– the things that are working well in your life

will create emotions like happiness, confidence and freedom.

The simple Truth is — we can always choose to believe something better! Wherever we are, we can turn toward something better. In doing so, we feel more ease, and with that comes greater clarity, empowering thoughts, ideas, and support, often in ways we can’t see, if we’re cultivating worry or stress.

If you’re feeling stressed or worried, your first step is to recognize where you are, and then take a deep breath and release. Breathe deeply. Your mind and body will thank you for it, because when we’re feeling stressed, we tend to breathe in a shallow way, which in turn, cuts us off from the wellbeing and higher understanding that’s available to us, when we’re relaxed and breathing deeply. Quiet the mind, and focus on your breathing.

Tell yourself:

I Can Believe Something Better!

When you choose to place your faith in something better, you allow something better into your life. Use your imagination to rehearse the best-case scenarios, rather than the worst. And what imaginationgets created from expecting the best — are awesome new realities! As Einstein said; “the imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Here’s One Powerful Way to Do That:

As you continue to breathe deeply and relax your mind and body, ask yourself; what do I really want to create here?

You may find that it helps to start with how you feel, rather than trying to get specific right away. So, that might look like; I want to feel better, and right now that feels like peace. Allow yourself to feel the ease and spaciousness of peace. Breathe into peace, allow that feeling to expand. Your body knows what this feels like, even if it’s been a while since you’ve been there. All you need is a minute of focusing on something that gives you relief, and you will begin to feel better. Once you’ve changed course, keep building on it by moving upward to hope and, then to joy, appreciation or love!

Now ask yourself; am I willing to receive something even better… and better…something awesome? What does that look and feel like? Now rehearse that, imagine that!

I understand from firsthand experience, that when you’re in the middle of feeling worried and stressed, this may feel like a big leap. Yet I can also tell you, with absolute confidence, that if you can place your faith in the possibility of something better, you will see improvement, and in less time than you might think possible.

When we let go of trying to do it all ourselves, when we let go of trying to control outside conditions, and instead  find a way to feel good, circumstances will quickly improve. This I can say with absolute assurance because, in the end, we cannot control the uncontrollable… what other people think, say or do. But, we can manage our own emotional wellbeing, our energetic point-of-attration, and with practice, we can do it really well!

Love your life without limits!


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