Your Most Important Soul Connection

In this week’s message, you’ll discover which soul connection gives you the greatest opportunities for growth and fulfillment and why that matters to you. You’ll also discover the powerful reason and opportunity within the unprecedented levels of information, growth, “busyness” and opportunities we’re experiencing.  As always, it’s about you living your best life! 

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Your Most Important Soul Connection

If you’ve been getting my messages for a while, you’ve probably heard me say how important it is to explore who you really are in a bigger, more expanded way. Let’s explore this in a way that allows you to move to another level of understanding and ease.

In our current collective experience, on this beautiful planet, we’re experiencing unprecedented levels of information, growth, “busyness” and opportunities to grow in consciousness. Things seem to be speeding up, and you’ve probably witnessed an accelerated level of defensiveness and confusion about what is “truth” in the various media outlets. You may even long for a slower, more relaxed pace.

There’s a powerful reason for all of this; these events support awakening and Higher-Self responsibility. This is important because we cannot be Soul realized in Human Form if we are not owning our place as the creators of our daily life experiences. Life isn’t done to us, it is done through us, based on the way we individually manage our beliefs and energy.

So, all of the posturing, scrambling and positioning that is showing up so publicly in our culture (s), especially in the political arena, is a perfect set up for a powerful awakening, on a much larger scale, than what we’ve previously witnessed in recorded history.

All the “busyness”, over-giving, buying more and working harder is also telling us something.

All of these events are calling us to look within, to discover and

claim more of our personal power, fro a higher perspective.

One of the aspects of awakening is coming into your own. That’s when you realize that YOU are far more than the physical body and personality that you may have previously thought yourself to be. You are not just a personality or a group of emotional and mental responses. This realization is so important because, when we think that we are smaller or more limited than we really are, we will naturally feel separation, fear, uncertainty and the need to defend our opinion and sometimes, to make others wrong. As long as we identify only with the personality, our thoughts and bodies, as wonderful as those aspects of the Self are, we’ll feel some version of separation, or a need to push against people, who happen to be in another group, whether that group is based on political parties, gender, race, religion etc.

We may also keep looking for more stuff, purpose, meaning, money, love etc. in an attempt to fill that void or emptiness.

Until we see who we truly are, there will always feel like there’s something missing,

even though we may not know what the “it” is.

This is why I’ve always built a powerful aspect of Self-Discovery into every program that I do. Knowing who you are in a higher, broader way, is what gives you freedom, and the ability to be your best, most fulfilled Self as you play in the sandbox of time and space.

It’s in this Unified Self Discovery when we come to recognize the purpose of the various aspects of ourselves, and it’s also when we can feel whole and complete as the powerful Beings that we are.

When you build the bridge between the physically oriented aspects of yourself and the higher, broader and wiser Higher Self, now you have access to what you’ve really been looking for. Now you feel supported and have a deeper understanding of yourself and how life works. Now you feel peace with the past and faith in your future. Now you feel and see Truth with a Capital T.

If you’ve read my book, “Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything”, you might recall the chapter, Truth And Stories. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it if you’re someone who values being happy, powerful and more fully Soul expressed.

In the meantime, and as a reminder to those of you who’ve read “Just Believe”, almost everything is an opinion, rather than a Truth. Truth with a capital T is an etched-in stone fact, that is valid for everyone, regardless of whether they know about or not. Truth, again with a capital T is irrefutable and very few things fall into this category. An example of Truth with Capital T is the Law Of Gravity. You don’t have to believe in it, in order to experience it.

Almost everything we hear is an opinion.

Don’t drive yourself crazy by trying to figure out who’s version of events is correct and who’s wrong. So, back to where we started. All of the posturing, scrambling, “busyness” and positioning that is showing up so publicly in our culture (s), especially in the political arena, is a perfect opportunity for a powerful awakening, on a much larger scale, than what we’ve previously witnessed in recorded history.

Building that bridge between your personality and Higher Self is what gives you access to Inner Peace and the Higher Truth that is built on freedom and joy. When we live from Higher Self or Soul, we are free to create what we truly want, and feel the joy of being a fully realized individual as we also celebrate the infinite variety of souls we get to play with in this sandbox of time and space that we call earth. We’re able to see Higher Truth and not get swept away into other people’s drama or agendas. And from this Higher Perspective, we don’t feel a need to push against anyone, because we understand the futility in doing so.

Almost everything is a personal truth rather than a Universal Reality. You define your individual life experiences according to how you focus your attention and what you choose to believe about the events that you observe. There’s what actually happens and then there’s what we make those events means. The meaning is where your emotional responses to life come from. That connection with your Higher Self, or Higher Perspective, help you see this.

You were born to become the best version of your Self, to be happy and fully expressed as the magnificent Being that you are. The question is are you answering the call? What are you doing to build that bridge between your physically oriented self and your Higher Self? Because when it comes to soul-to-soul connections, the one that matters most is the one between you and YOU.

Your Most Important Soul Connection is the one you build between your physically-oriented perspective and your Soul, Higher Self or Divine Inner Being, whichever term you prefer. You don’t have a soul, you are a soul!

Here’s something to help you broaden your perspective, which in turn, gives you access to more of your soul qualities.

– The next time you feel a strong emotion, ask yourself; am I this emotion?

–  As you observe your self-talk, or thoughts, ask yourself; am I this thought or am I the one observing it?

– If you feel that you have a circumstance that’s getting in the way of having something you want, ask yourself; am I this condition or am I more than that?

– If you feel tired and are overworking, ask yourself; am I what I do or am I the one who gets to choose?

– If you feel the need to defend something, based on your affiliation with a group, whether it’s political, or based on gender, religion or some other affiliation, ask yourself; am I only a _______ or am I the one choosing that?

You may think these are silly or feel uncomfortable when you ask yourself these questions. But if you can stay with them, they can open a door to a higher way of seeing Your Self and the world. And this matters because Self-Awareness is the gateway to true belonging, security, feeling supported, Self-realization and Higher Truth.

You may even come to a fascinating realization:

You cannot feel complete, whole or “enough”

when who you “think” you are is not truly “who” you are.

And you are not the spiritual and worldly labels you place on the other side of I Am. You are so much MORE than that. You are only limited by the concept you hold about yourself. Your connection with the greater aspects of yourself is what makes the difference between seeking and finding.

For those who are called to be more fully Soul Expressed, give yourself permission to do the spiritual work.

Own your power and gifts.

This is the greatest contribution you could give to yourself and those around you. It comes from knowing who you truly are.

Life is good and you were born to grow and thrive, as you play in the sandbox of time and space.

Much Love,


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