Creating a Moment of Awesome

In a recent post; The Universe Bows to Your Imagination  I wrote about creating moments of revelry! This is when you’re so engrossed in the enjoyment and appreciation of life, that everything feels right with the world. There are no have tos or shoulds in your consciousness. You’re not analyzing anything … you’re just allowing yourself to be led by happiness. And so life just keeps feeling more beautiful, peaceful…and perfect!

Have you created that for yourself recently?

If you haven’t, how about now? What makes you smile? Start with something in your immediate environment. Savor that for a few moments, taking in the textures, nuances, and experiences of it. Then notice someone or something else you genuinely appreciate and enjoy. Now allow yourself to feel that too. Bask in this moment of heightened awareness, and appreciation for as long as you like.


There’s no need to analyze why you feel this way. It’s simply enough that you do! Just notice and merge with the energy of appreciating what already is.



Elari Onawa

Your Chief Possibility Officer and Author of Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything

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