transformation and stress free

Moving from Worried to Wonderful

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about dealing with stress and worry. So let’s look at some of the underlying causes, and how to move into a better feeling way-of-being. We’ve all felt stress and…

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Living with Purpose and Joy

At some point in my programs and coaching sessions, the subject of purpose comes up. Whether it’s your soul purpose, your life purpose, or whether we’re talking about a personal mission statement for your work, or an…

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Creating Conversations that Make a Difference

If you’ve ever been in a conversation that left you frustrated, and not feeling heard, an experience where nothing is resolved — take heart. You’re about to discover some powerful ways to create conversations that have a…

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Follow Your Heart

A Fun and Easy Way to Expand Quickly

In “Just Believe” I wrote about crosscurrents because they are, without a doubt, a major source of frustration for a lot of people. A crosscurrent is a belief that runs counter to, or across what you really…

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Celebrating Your Most Awesome Year Yet!

What would be of the most benefit to you as you align with your most awesome year yet? What would be the hands-down, absolute best thing you could give yourself for the year ahead?  Well, here’s what I have to…

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What Calls You Forth?

I just experienced an epic road trip with my beloved partner Alex. We traveled through more than ten states from Virginia to Arkansas to the upper Midwest and back, taking different routes, allowing ourselves to be fully…

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