In the Flow

Enjoy Your Awe-Someness!

To be more focused on what you want to create, is to  bring your attention into enthusiastic anticipation of what you’re creating now (rather than later)! Let yourself enjoy the ride on the river your goals take you…

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In harmony with the seasons

August is what?

Did you know that August means “inspiring awe, admiration and majestic”? I’ll take some of that! So welcome August; time to celebrate your awe-someness, your majesty and divinity!  And if you’re looking for ways to celebrate your…

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Seeing The River

The Magic in the River

A wonderful friend shared this with me the other day; “you can’t step into the same river twice”. How beautiful it is to be reminded that life is always flowing.  Here’s what I see in that. With each decision we…

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Your Goals

Disappearing Dreams & Goals?

Have you ever noticed how you can have the best intentions for your goals and dreams, only to have them disappear from your awareness? One reason this happens is because life (as it currently exits for us) happens!…

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Aligning with Your Divine Potential

Celebrating Your Psychic Gifts

In this 4-Session Series Alex and I will guide you in developing your psychic and intuitive gifts! Sold Out You’ll learn and practice your skills in a fun environment. We’ll help you embrace and refine your gifts…

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Discover Your Psychic Abilites

This Sunday evening Alex and I are hosting a very special event to help you see where your natural psychic and intuitive gifts are! Would you like to discover how to tap your specific psychic abilities? Which…

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