Sacred Writing I

Sacred Writing: Automatic Writing I

a Workshop for Accessing Your Answers! 4 Powerful Thursday Evenings September 5, 2013 (7 to 10 pm) September 12, 2013 ( 7 to 9 pm) September 19, 2013 (7 to 9 pm) October 3, 2013 (7 to…

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Advanced Celebrating Your Psychic Gifts

In this 4-Session Series Alex and I will guide you to the next level in developing your psychic and intuitive gifts!   You’ll continue to develop your skills in a fun environment, in a way that feels…

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Laser-Focused Manifesting

My partner Alex Then and I are so excited about this big event! Alex has been practicing transformation and healing work for many years now, and has a thriving practice helping hundreds of people shift powerfully and…

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What If?

Getting Started With Automatic (Sacred) Writing

a Workshop for Accessing Your Answers! In this interactive workshop you will emerge with a powerful way to access your higher wisdom. Imagine  – Entering a heightened state of consciousness – Connecting with Your Spirit Guides –…

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Allow Your Sacred Dreams to Fly!

Yes, Shift Happens!

As I’m getting ready for Shift Happens  in August,  I’m celebrating some of the things I absolutely love about the programs I do with my partner Alex. That is the special place we get to create, it is…

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In the Flow

Enjoy Your Awe-Someness!

To be more focused on what you want to create, is to  bring your attention into enthusiastic anticipation of what you’re creating now (rather than later)! Let yourself enjoy the ride on the river your goals take you…

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In harmony with the seasons

August is what?

Did you know that August means “inspiring awe, admiration and majestic”? I’ll take some of that! So welcome August; time to celebrate your awe-someness, your majesty and divinity!  And if you’re looking for ways to celebrate your…

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Seeing The River

The Magic in the River

A wonderful friend shared this with me the other day; “you can’t step into the same river twice”. How beautiful it is to be reminded that life is always flowing.  Here’s what I see in that. With each decision we…

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