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You’ve Got The Power!

In this week’s message, you’ll discover everyday examples for shining your powerful light in small, yet mighty ways. When you share in these “small” ways, you’ll also find that you can feel happier and more on purpose within minutes. That’s right … minutes! And you’ll get clarity about what you where you most want to

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Know Thyself Revisited

We are so familiar with ourselves as the person we look at in the mirror that we can forget who we truly are. When we do this, we make ourselves smaller than we are, and may mistakenly feel that there’s something to be fixed about ourselves or we may feel less than in some way.

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How To Free Yourself When You’re Feeling Stuck

Have you ever wanted to move forward with a heartfelt desire, a project or goal, but you just can’t seem to make the progress you want? Have you ever felt stuck? Well, in this week’s video message, we’re going to look at what creates that experience, and what you can do to easily move forward in

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Soul Guidance And Emotional Freedom

In this week’s message, you’ll discover what your emotions are really telling you and why that is so important to your happiness and wellbeing.  HERE ARE SOME IMPORTANT HINTS:  Your Emotions Are: – Not about them! – Not about that unwanted event and – Not caused by past or current circumstances. Hmmm… Getting what you’re about to learn in this video training message is

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Freedom From Conflict And Taking Things Personally

This week’s training message is about a topic that’s more relevant today than ever before. To be fully soul-expressed, we need to be free from the myths and traps created by conflict and taking things personally. To be Self-actualized, we must understand how to interact powerfully in a world of infinite opinions and variety. If we

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