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The Power Of Believing Reminder

From The Just Believe Companion Cards When you commit to believing in yourself, you’re allowing your naturally buoyant nature to emerge. What pops to the surface is an enormous amount of love and energy for yourself, your life and others! You are free to be in your natural uplifted state-of-being! Believe/Declare: When I have FAITH

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The Power Of Soul Choice Training

Past Program: Want To Attend Events Like This One? Subscribe Here If you have goals that matter to you  even if you’ve struggled with them in the past … you owe it to yourself to find out why it’s been hard, and what you can do about it. If something matters to you, you want it,

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Creating Peace And Calm

One of the many fulfilling aspects of being a life coach is that I get to see patterns in human behavior, and those patterns are often seasonal, influenced by current events, and our “joint opportunities” to grow together in consciousness. One of the patterns that has come up a lot recently in client conversations is

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Exploring An Expanded Version Of Love

In this week’s message, you’ll find a powerful practice to help you tune into unconditional love. This simple exploration also helps you see beyond current conditions, or the need to be perfect, or the illusion that you have to achieve something more in order to be good, better than you are, or enough or loved.

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You Are Precious

May you feel loved and supported. May you feel deep peace and may you know how amazing you are and how beautiful your life is! May you thrive and feel life’s wonder and magic. May you know purpose and celebrate life with friends and family and furry friends too! Life is precious and so are you!

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you are amazing

Don’t Stop Believing

Here’s a quick and powerful reminder from the Just Believe Companion Cards. Enjoy! Much Love, If you’ve ever felt stuck or found yourself struggling with an unwanted experience, look at what you think is true about that situation. Do you believe you can have what you want? Did you stop believing you could have it?

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