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Acknowledge Your Gifts, Acknowledge Your Power!

As I was getting ready for this week’s message I received this strong nudge to talk about the healing and liberating power of healthy self-acknowledgment.  In this week’s message, you’ll discover why this is essential to your happiness and ability to shine your light in bigger and brighter ways.  You’ll also learn about the key differences between

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Slow Down To “Speed Up” And Be Happier Too

Even during holidays, we can forget that our real leverage and source of happiness is not found in moving faster or in getting more things done. Our BIG MAMMOTH LEVERAGE … that is, if we want more happiness and faster, easier results .. is found in who we are being and where we are coming

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what to do when you argue, feel defensive or are effected by the opinions of others

Creating Clarity Inside Relationships

  It’s about creating beautiful relationships! so what gives you the freedom to be fully Self-expressed in your most important relationships? How do you move past taking things personally or feeling angry or defensive if someone makes you wrong? In this week’s training video, you’ll discover what you want to know or remember as you

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Play More, Work Less

If something feels hard, it doesn’t have to stay that way! In this week’s training video, you’ll discover the gift you can give yourself in any moment that will transform work into play and hard into easy. As you follow your inspiration, you may bump up against resistance. What’s new or different might feel hard, or maybe you’ve

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Mastering Life’s Energies

  Why You Feel The Way You Do & So Much More …  In this week’s message, you’ll deepen your understanding of the source of your emotions and how to step more fully into your power. You’ll learn what you need to get on a deep level, so you can receive the true gifts of

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how to be your best self

Make Room For YOU:

How To Let More of Your Inner Brilliance Shine Through In this week’s message, you’ll learn about living from your wise, always count-on-able, peaceful inner being. This is so important because when we know who we truly are and live from that higher perspective, we can consistently show up as the best, calmest and wisest

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