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It’s About How You’re Looking At It

One of my guides once said; “IT (and that means everything) all depends on how you look at it!”  You may have heard it before …  but I’m asking you, on behalf of your unclaimed potential, and the dreams that may have been put on the back shelf until someday … to give this a

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More Passion And Purpose? Find What You’re Really Looking For!

Ready to find more passion in life? You’ve probably looked around  a lot finding your purpose or passion. Some resources will even tell you you should stop looking. But, here’s what they are not telling you – it’s important to understand what you’re really looking for. So in this video training you’ll discover THE MYTHS

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Your Body Is Designed To Heal Itself

The loving intelligence that made your body — heals your body. If you cut your finger, a scab forms and it heals. If you get a virus, your body knows how to find its way back into equilibrium. You don’t need to know how to do that, your body does that through its natural loving

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Why Living On Purpose Matters To You

Have you ever wanted life to be easier? How about being  happier or being free from taking things personally? Well, these are just a few signs that you’re not  “on purpose”.  Living On Purpose is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart, because it has such a potent impact on the

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