Meet Your Soul Guided Meditation

Meeting Your Soul, Embracing Imagination

Here is a very special guided meditation. As with all guided experiences, you’ll want to use this when you can be in a quiet, meditative state, where you will not be interrupted, and when you can focus completely on this experience. To make this moment even more special, you may want to light a candle, use essential oils or burn incense if that feels good to you.

You’ll also want to have a notebook or journal and pen handy, as you’ll want to record your experience after your guided experience.

There are questions included in step 2 which will help you get the most out of your guided meditation. I recommend reading them after you complete the Guided meditation.


Listen to Your Guided Meditation

You can listen here on this player or download it to your device (recommended) by right or left-clicking the download link, and then saving it to your preferred device.

This way you have this special experience in your personal library.

INSTRUCTIONS: Right Click on the Download link and choose “Save Link or File As”  or “Download Linked File” to save the file to your computer.

You may also LEFT-CLICK the download link to save the audio file to your cellphone or tablet, depending on your operating system.

Audio Length: 31:32



Explore these questions in your journal or notebook. 

 ** To get the most out of this experience ** I recommend reading the following questions, only after you’ve listened to the guided meditation (step 1).

Then come back and explore!

1. What was your mode of transportation? Why do you think it appeared in that way?

2. How did your soul appear for you? Why?

3. What was you gift? How will you now use it?

4. How do you know see your Imagination? Is it real? What purpose does it serve?

5. Who are you?

6. What were your most impactful insights from this experience?

7. What will you now commit to, out of this experience? How?

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