Mastering Life’s Energies


Why You Feel The Way You Do & So Much More … 

In this week’s message, you’ll deepen your understanding of the source of your emotions and how to step more fully into your power. You’ll learn what you need to get on a deep level, so you can receive the true gifts of your thoughts and feelings. And if you’ve ever reacted in a way you later regretted or withdrew from something that mattered to you because your feelings were hurt, you’ll see what you can learn from that and you’ll also get a booster shot of “what’s really possible” inspiration!

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Mastering Life’s Energies

Why You Feel The Way You Do And More … 

Hi, my name is Elari Onawa. I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003 and I’m also the author of “Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything

If you’ve worked with me, or read any of my books or resources, you know the importance of understanding that beautiful partnership between the mental and emotional levels. On the emotional level, we get to explore and experience a wide variety of feelings. We are also alerted, guided and may sometimes even be “taken over” by our emotions. If you’ve ever felt angry and reacted in a way you weren’t proud of or withdrew from something that mattered to you, because your feelings were hurt, then you know what it feels like to be “taken over,” or used by your emotional level. And hey, everyone in human form, and I do mean everyone, has been there and done that at some point. That being said, only you know if your emotions are serving you and your true desires, or if you are serving them. And you definitely want your thoughts and emotions to serve you.

We are all growing and evolving, and that means learning about and mastering the emotional and mental levels. The mental level is where we get to play with thought, perspectives, and beliefs. Powerful learning and transformation are accomplished when we “get” something on both the mental and emotional levels. This is head and heart, or the mental and emotional level, working together, in a powerful, symbiotic partnership. Both emotions and thoughts are energy forms. They have a wide range of frequencies that you can pick up, sense and feel. Some feel good, others feel amazing, and still, others feel terrible.

In order to get the gifts intended from both the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves, you need to know on a deep level that you are not your thoughts and you are not your feelings. You experience them, but they are not who you are. You think, receive and feel them, but they are not you. You are the one choosing!

Getting this allows you to use your thoughts and feelings just like you use your arms to hug someone you love, or how you move your legs to walk in a beautiful park. They are part of who you are. They are tools to create and move from one experience to the next. But you are not them. They are not you.

Why is this so important? Because if we think that we are our thoughts and emotions — we are used by them. From that foundation, we get lost in the stories we tell ourselves and don’t understand how to use our thoughts and feelings to create the life experiences we really, truly want. It would be like your arms and legs having a mind of their own. Imagine having no control over where your legs take you, or what your arms do. You’d be a victim to their every whim. You’d have no real choice or control over your experiences. You’d just have to go along with whatever your arms and legs wanted to do.

This is what we effectively do, give over control if we overly identify with the emotional and mental levels. It will feel like you have no say in how you feel or what you think. It’ll feel like life happens to you. But this is never the case! You are not your thoughts and feelings, you are the one cultivating them!

We practice habits of thought and then our emotions tell us what we are in the process of creating, perpetuating, attracting or transforming! We choose all of it, even how people treat us. This is good to know because it means that you are powerful, and life is done through you, as you choose. This also means that you are infinite potential.

When we practice thoughts or mentally rehearse worse-case scenarios, we’ll naturally feel worried. If we keep going, we’ll produce fear, not because they’re something to be afraid of … but because we are scaring ourselves. And with that type of thinking, we’re creating something to be afraid of!

The same is true when we practice nurturing, can-do self-talk. We feel better, uplifted and more in tune with who we truly are! We are creating more of what we really do want when we support ourselves with nurturing thoughts and self-talk.

Emotions always show us what we are in the process of expanding in our experience. There are the events that happen in our lives, and then there are the stories or the meaning that we attach to those events. It’s always the meaning we place on the events that produce how we feel! It’s not the external conditions, other people, places or events that limit us or set us free. It is always the meaning we place on those conditions, people, and events that produce our emotions. Whether those emotions are insecurity, uncertainty, confidence or empowerment, we cultivate all of it.

Things happen in life. People and experiences come and go. This is as it should be because we are eternal and we all get to choose! We are all growing and expanding, and we will naturally want to explore new experiences, just as those in our lives will want to explore other adventures too.

If we habitually focus on what’s missing or wrong, rather than on what we gained from our experiences, or what we truly want to expand, then we create the illusion that there’s something wrong, when everything is just is as it is. What we choose to see and learn is what determines the quality of our lives and the actions we will and will not take.

Often in our human journeys, we only stop and evaluate our choices, or who we are being, when we’re feeling pain or loss in some form. The unwanted creation comes first in the form of a “negative” emotion. If nurtured, it becomes an unwanted habit or counterproductive behavior. Sometimes that less-than-ideal perspective graduates into the legendary “two-by-four to the head”. But nothing is ever truly lost and it’s never too late to embrace your power to choose, and to see yourself as the powerful soul on a journey, that you are!

No emotion or perspective is preordained, inescapable, or required. You create them, receive them, and feel them, but you are not them. Are all emotions useful? Can they be fun and feel good? Absolutely! Do you have to be stuck with any emotional response or behavior? Absolutely not, because you get to choose how you think and feel. You are choosing every day, by the perspectives you predominately cultivate.

Being with your emotions, getting their wisdom and guidance, and transforming what you want to change is a skill that you can learn and master. Emotions, like thoughts, are energy forms, and you have the ability to use that energy in any way you choose. Imagine an artist working with paints on a canvas or molding clay or sand in her hands. This is a far more accurate depiction of who you are relative to your thoughts and feelings than thinking they have minds of their own, or it’s just how you are.

You are the artist and your life is the canvas.

Isn’t that a good Truth to claim for yourself?

Claiming that is part of what it means to be a Realized-Self, an individual, a powerful and beautiful Being. You are free to choose how you’ll see yourself, others and the world. And the more you learn about your Self, the more power you have to create greater fulfillment, happiness and whatever else you desire.

Imagine a sandbox the size of the universe. You are currently playing in a sandbox of time and space on a planet we call earth. A sandbox can be filled with colorful molds, buckets shovels or whatever you want to place in that sandbox. You get to build castles or motes or whatever your imagination conjures up. By the way, the term sandbox is also used by software developers to describe an environment where you get to play with different possibilities and test things out in a safe way. This is very similar to how you are learning to master life’s energies as you grow and evolve as a soul. This is the sandbox of time and space and you are the one exploring, testing, choosing and creating!

And your journey here is not just about the jobs you do, the roles you play, or the events and stuff in it. Those are certainly magnificent gifts in and of themselves, but there’s so much more. You’re also creating your beautiful, powerful Self every step of the way. Every day you get to become what you predominately nurture in your perspectives and attitudes about who you are, how life works, and what is possible and what is not. You are so powerful when you really own the scope and depth of your creative abilities.

What a gift life is! The question is — what do you want to do with it? Are you claiming your true power? Are you claiming your higher gifts and are using them for your greatest benefit? Can you see that there are valuable skills that you’ve mastered, and there are also powerful skills that you may not yet be aware of or mastered?

You can put yourself proudly in front of your canvas, by creating a plan to embrace your gifts. Be open to seeing the best possible way to more powerfully get you where you truly want to go and to be more of who you are truly meant to be!

Life keeps getting better and better when you are aware of who you truly are, and live from your Higher Self/your Soul perspective! This is why Self-discovery and developing powerful life skills are so important. You are creating your life, and you are creating you! This is why I do what I do as a Life On Purpose Coach. As always, if you want personal, in-depth coaching for mastering an area in your life, connecting with the higher aspects of yourself, living on purpose, and mastering life’s energies … I am here for you! You can find out more at this link.

Here’s to your awesome self and your awesome life.

Much Love,


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