The Call of March: Standing for a Powerful Way of Life

colorful_lotus_scethcMarch is often associated with new beginnings. It is also a month for standing resolutely for a way of life.

Is there a way of life you want to embrace? Where do you want to place your unwavering faith, because you see the possibility that choice holds for you? This is the stuff that lights me up. Why? Because these questions open us up to higher states of consciousness, and an absolutely joyful experience of life.

I’m present to powerful ways of being, especially as I write and work with clients and readers. If you happen to be one of them, it might interest you to know that I see you as an agent of upliftment and transformation, someone who’s making a difference in the world. If that weren’t true, you wouldn’t be reading this, or exploring the questions that brought us together. You are on the leading-edge of consciousness and are creating powerful new possibilities for yourself and those you know!

So, if we want a way of life that embraces the essence of who we are as Eternal Beings, and also expands joy and freedom, something becomes crystal clear. We must bring forth a greater awareness of who we-are-being moment-by-moment..if we want to live a powerful and fulfilling life. Before we go further, I want to acknowledge that this may feel like a big thing. For most of us were born into a world that places more value on doing than being. We can get lost in thinking our value is determined by how much we get done, and completely miss the point. If we are focusing on what’s next, we miss the joy that is there for us, right now. We miss the importance of who we are being. We also miss the beauty, when we are not present.

Expanding our awareness of the present moment doesn’t take time, it just takes practice.

When I think of the way of being I want to “stand resolutely in and for,” I think of this powerful perspective from Alan Watts:

“Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.”

I can feel a collective sigh of relief each time I read  these words. How would your definition of success shift, and what becomes available to you from this way of “doing life”measuring days by degree of presence ,rather than degree of productivity?

Practicing Presence

If you are called—let each thing you do, be a reminder to be fully present in the moment. Gently focus your attention on what is in front of you, and notice how quiet your mind becomes. If you find yourself resisting the present moment, in other words, seeing it as bad or unwanted, let go of the resistance, and just be with what is. Bring a gentle awareness to it, and see what automatically becomes available to you.

Your practice, if you so choose, is to allow awareness and presence to expand in your everyday experience. Peace, joy and deeper understanding are your rewards.

Some Helpful Practices for Being Present:

Be where you are, without reference to the past or future. Enjoy whatever you are doing. Smile.

Notice who you are being, and what you are feeling. Is it aligned with the Powerful Being you are? If not, let it go without judgment, breathe deeply and bring awareness to your heart.

– Be with others unconditionally, in other words, without judging or resisting. Notice, be curious and let them be where they are.

Observe what you are doing, without labeling it.

– Notice the stillness, even in the midst of activity. Notice the energy and spaciousness.

– Focus on one thing at a time and be with it.

– Practice moments of pausing thought. Notice the empty space. Smile.

– Notice your breathing, appreciate the gentle inflow and outflow of your breath.

– Simply declare “I am now present” or “I am now present and aware of my divine nature.” Smile and allow yourself to feel connected to the web of life. Life is good and you get to be here!

– If you notice your mind wandering, rehearsing a worst-case scenario or remembering a past hurt, smile and let it go. Take a deep breath and release. Be present to your current surroundings, your desired way of being. All is well.

Let me know what expands for you!

Much Love,


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