Power Meditation: Manifesting with the Divine

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WHEN: Monday Evenings

July 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 2014 ( 7 PM to 9 PM)

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In this series Alex and I will take you on a beautiful journey into creating what you truly want to experience in your life.

BulletBlue2You’ll explore your heartfelt desires, and

BulletBlue2expand your capacity to easily receive the freedom, love and abundance  that are available to you.

BulletBlue2You will feel your confidence and well-being expand as you

BulletBlue2merge with the peace and power of Your Divine.

Power Meditation is a deeply creative act; it creates deep shifts in your consciousness, allowing you to embody ever-expanding levels of ease and possibility.

“Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Throughout the 4-sessions you’ll be tuning into greater levels of clarity and abundance, as you walk hand-in-hand with your Divine Source. As a group you’ll celebrate these powerful connections, and grow quickly, as you share what you create and discover.

We invite you to boldly receive the gifts that await you on this journey into greater abundance and ease!

Please Note: We are limiting this program to the first 12 people who register. So if this is calling you, Register Today. 

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About Power Meditation

Power MeditationPower Meditation uses a part of your mind that allows you to step into expanded ways of seeing who you truly are, and what you really want to create for yourself and your life. This short, yet powerful practice is a highly creative act, because you are creating empowering new possibilities from the vantage point of your Higher Self. We guide you into a fun and uplifting experience, that produces immediate results in your life. You align with what you most want to experience in your life, in a very liberating way!

Comments and Experiences

divineabundance” What a difference this has made in my life. I’m genuinely happy. This is the longest sustained period of true joy I’ve experienced in my entire life. Thank you!”

” Life feels so easy and beautiful now. Things no longer feel hard or complicated. Everything falls into place now with such grace. ”

” I used to think that I needed to meditate a long time to get these benefits. But I see now that’s not true. I only need a few minutes now to enter this heightened state of awareness, and it feels so good. I love that I really want to do this… I can do this practice anywhere and anytime, and I shift so quickly now.”

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