There is a Message within you!

Living in the Magic & the Miracles: A Powerul Private Coaching Program

When we embrace our life , we develop a greater sense of peace,

well-being and gain access to Higher Truth, the Divine Wisdom Within!

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or there is a Divine Order at work underneath every experience, and so many gifts to be received and celebrated! And there is a message within you of inspiration and hope, that when shared, gives you purpose and passion!


Elari OnawaI have such a deep love and appreciation for my work, because I get to see people come alive … as they get their unique message, and when they turn toward the gifts of life, rather than the fixing of it. Fixing shows up as making yourself wrong, self-doubt, procrastination or avoiding the things that you know in your heart, will bring you great joy and fulfillment.

Which is why I created this program.

  • Are you present to your life purpose, gifts and contributions?
  • Do you understand the true value of your life experiences in such a way that you can celebrate “all of it”?
  • Do you feel full empowered to share what really matters to you so that others are moved and inspired?

In working with hundreds of clients over the years, I have seen many people struggle to find the words that truly express their gifts, and their message to the world. And getting crystal clear about your message, is so important. Because it is in the sharing of this message, that you find purpose and passion!

Which is why I offer this powerful one-on-one coaching program for all those who are ready to embrace the power and beauty of who they truly are!

In this Program You Get:

  • The true gifts in your major life experiences
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Freedom from making yourself wrong as you let go of the inner critic
  • Full Self-expression at a very deep level
  • Enthusiasm for who you are, and what you have to share with others
  • Clarity of purpose and passion – Your core message and light you’re called to shine
  • And how to share your message powerfully, so it makes a difference in your life, and in the lives of others!

How this Works:

We’ll meet one-on-one on the phone for 6 90-minute sessions. Here are the highlights.

In Session I: I’ll guide you into a deeper understanding of your core life lessons so they work for you in a very powerful way. You’ll get freedom from self-criticism and self-doubt.You’ll also learn the two simple, yet essential steps needed to grow in purpose and passion . When practiced regularly, you will have the ability to be at peace with anything and everything, because you can see the deeper purpose at work.

In Session II: I’ll open up a space for you to create your core message, what you are here to teach others. This message allows you to be a powerful stand for well-being and growth, according to your Divine Design!  This message is a source of passion and purpose. You’ll also receive simple exercises to help you embody your purpose with clarity and confidence.

In Session III: You’ll take your message to the next level. I’ll work with you to help you claim your purpose clearly and confidently. When you embrace and practice your message from a clear space, your message becomes a clean fuel source for you. So you are no longer frustrated by stops and starts, or wonder if you’re on the right path! You’ll be naturally inspired and motivated. Life becomes magical, and you’re living life fully, like only you can!

In Session IV: We’ll deepen your ability to see Higher Truth, and I’ll guide you into claiming what you truly desire for yourself and your life! You’ll have a powerful understanding of what it is be free to create your life from the Soul, with confidence and enthusiasm.

In Session V: Your message comes into your life and out into your world on broader level, giving you access to gifts you may not have thought possible. We’ll explore your gifts and talents in a very profound way. And you’ll see new ones you may not have yet claimed for yourself! Imagine … what could open up for you as you walk daily in the beauty of who you truly are?

In Sessions VI: We bring together everything we’ve discovered in your sessions, so you can see your life, as one who is now free to be fully expressed with purpose and passion! You’ll be able to share who you are, in a way that makes a difference for yourself and others. Fulfillment, peace and possibility are embodied in this session.

BONUS 60 Minute Program: At the completion of your six sessions, you’ll learn the keys to living in harmony with your “human side”. You’ll get the divine perfection of all of you, and discover that it is in the balancing of these six keys, that we create deep happiness and self love! You’ll learn how tiny adjustments can make a big difference in your personal fulfillment, and love of life! Mastering life’s energies is a lot like a dance. We flow with grace ad ease when we make daily choices that are in harmony with our needs and desires.

This program is available to you at a very special rate.

The regular price for these six sessions plus the special bonus program is $1,189.

But you can register here and save  $357, or over 30%!

1. You can register for just $832  if you pay in one installment , or

2. Register with two installment payments of $450 each  (Your second payment will be due 4 weeks after you start your program)

Contact Me  for scheduling Options

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Walk in Beauty,



P.S.  All sessions are on the phone. Your other sessions are scheduled according to the pace you want to set for yourself, and I can tune in and provide guidance if desired. Be sure to put the website on your Approved Senders List so you get my emails to you about your program.  Many blessings! 

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