Power Meditation: The Magic and Power of Love!


WHEN: Wednesday Evenings

Sept. 17, 24 & Oct. 1 & 8 2014 (7 PM to 9 PM)

WHERE: Our Place Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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We’re taught that love is the most powerful energy there is. It has the ability to heal, inspire, transform, attract more beauty into our lives, and so much more! Poets write about it, spiritual teachers talk about it, and scientists study the impact love has on the human body, and our emotional well-being.

So how do the ideas we hold about love impact us, and our ability to live life to the fullest? It seems it’s everywhere, right? Love impacts our health, emotional state, our work, our relationships, and our ability to create what we really want in life.

With all of the potential impact love offers us, wouldn’t it be a really good idea to take our understanding of love to a deeper, richer level? 

Because when we explore our ideas and concepts, we often discover that we’ve limited ourselves in some way, or taken an idea at face value, that doesn’t measure up to the amazing spiritual beings, we truly are! And this is especially true with love!

Which is why Alex and I invite you to this powerful 4-session Power Meditation Series about “The Magic and Power of LOVE”.

As with all Power Meditations, you will broaden your concept of what’s possible, and embody a new, powerful way of being that comes from who you truly are!

The magic and Power of Love

Imagine being able to raise your ability to truly love yourself, and your life.. all of it and all of you. Imagine letting go of making yourself wrong,  or the need to be “perfect” or “better”.  What might open up for you?

In each of these sessions, we will explore different aspects of love …

Your Love For:

–  Yourself

– The Divine

– Romantic Partner

– Your Life

Alex Then Elari Onawa Workshops

We’ll go beyond the idea of love, to a very real, tangible, and uplifting reality, for you as you upgrade and embody powerful new ideas about love. You’ll experience what your  Soul really wants you to know and experience and then embody that new way of loving yourself, your life, a romantic partner, and The Divine!

We’re looking forward to what will emerge for this wonderful group of souls gathering!

Reserve your spot today.


With Love & Magic!

Elari & Alex

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