Love What You Do, Do What You Love: a 3-Session Private Coaching Program


Loving What You Do Doing What You Love![dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this program we’ll explore your current experience around work, and what can shift now , so you can love what you do, and do what you love! And your sessions are on the phone, so we meet in the comfort on your home!

When we follow our true dreams and desires, we feel uplifted, and have a deep sense of purpose and enthusiasm. We feel alive, and vital, aligned, and in the flow. We are confident and  at peace.


And here’s something that may surprise you. Loving what you do, and doing what you love  doesn’t always require a job change. Sometimes it does, but more often, minor shifts make a BIG difference in your level of fulfillment and joy in what you do.

In fact I’ve found from working with a lot of client over the years, that there’s something really important that needs to shift first, before you take action. Without this shift, the actions you take ultimately lead to the same results, which can lead to more frustration, burnout,  and lack of fulfillment and joy.

When you and I work together, we will be working on the ontological and spiritual levels, that is  the nature of your being, and the level of your Higher Intuition. This is essential if you want to live a life of  deep fulfillment and joy. So often we’re taught to look to the wrong places to create greater purpose and passion. But when in the work I do, you’ll get to the Source of your true desires and what’s keeping you from fully experiencing the joy and magic in your work.

We’ll get to your true fuel source! But it will require an open mind, and will require you to be be coach-able. That means be willing to take an honest look at what’s really going on. The good news it, that once you do , you’ll probably find that is was far easier than you expected, and a lot more fun!

How This Works:

We meet on the phone for three 90-minute sessions.

When you register here, you’ll get an email with a link where you can schedule your first appointment. You’ll have the opportunity to browse availability and select a time that works for you. Both daytime and evening appointment are available. When you select your first appointment time, you’ll get a confirmation email right away confirming the date, time and dial-in information for your first appointment.  We’ll schedule your other appointments on the phone at the end of your first session. And of course if you need help or have questions, you can always Contact me Here or at  757-373-1408.  

3 Session Private Doing What You Love Program : $375





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