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The Magic of Love! A Powerful Workshop in Virginia Beach

Wednesday Evenings

Sept. 17, 24 & Oct. 1 & 8 2014 (7 PM to 9 PM)

Love is the most powerful energy there is. It has the ability to heal, inspire, transform, attract more beauty into our lives, and so much more! Poets write about it, spiritual teachers talk about it, and scientists study the impact love has on the human body, and our emotional well-being.

As with all Power Meditations, you will broaden your concept of what’s possible, and embody a new, powerful way of being that comes from who you truly are!


BulletOrangeSession I Wednesday,  September 17, 2014

Loving Yourself  Unconditionally


Meditation 1 Self Love as Seen By Your Higher Self

Length: 17:55

Meditation  2 Embodying Self Love

Length: 19:51

BulletGreen2Session II Wednesday, September  24, 2014

Divine Love for You


Meditation 1 The God for You Now

Length: 16:46

Meditation 2  Seeing God’s Love for  You

Length: 12:42


Session III Wednesday , October 1, 2014

Meditation I: Releasing Limitations in our Love in Partnerships

Length: 11:07

Meditation II: Embodying Expansive Love in Partnerships 

Length: 13:17

Session IV Wednesday , October 8, 2014

Meditation I: Release and Opening for Unconditional Love for Your Life

Length: 11:30


Meditation 2 was not recorded. It activated a higher (soul) vantage point for love of your life, yourself, and your relationships. You are now able to easily see through the eyes of unconditionality, and loving detachment, with greater ease. This higher level of awareness is a required way of being for our soul development. It allows us to be in the world, but not of it.  In other words, this higher way of seeing ourselves, and the world, frees us from conditional, drama-based perceptions, so that we may thoroughly enjoy this wonderful life we’ve been given! So you’ll find that it’s easier to let things go now. It’s easier to be with people of all types, and it’s so easy, and delicious to love yourself, and your life, without conditions! I invite you, as you look in the mirror each and every day to smile, look deep into your eyes, and behold the magnificent spiritual being you are! It is such an honor to work with you!

Much Love,

Elari & Alex

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