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happy purposefulAt some point in my programs and coaching sessions, the subject of purpose comes up. Whether it’s your soul purpose, your life purpose, or whether we’re talking about a personal mission statement for your work, or an important relationship — this is such a powerful conversation! Here’s why: when we see who we truly are, and know what we want to contribute and experience, we have a clear direction. We create deeper meaning! We know where we want to go, and who we want to be, right now in the current moment. And having a clear purpose allows us to rise above everyday drama, so we can live a life of greater fulfillment and joy. It takes the “little self” out of the decision-making process, and places it where it should be — with the Higher Self!

But in this search for purpose and meaning, I’ve also seen that there’s a tendency to get stuck, and then feeling as if you’re not living on purpose. Instead, you’re waiting for that BIG THING to happen. Can you relate to this? There are many reasons why this happens, but for now, I’m just going to focus on one. Getting this is really important if you want to move purposefully forward with inspiration and enthusiasm.

This one thing to remember —

how you’re choosing, is just as important as what you are choosing.

Having an overarching life mission is powerful for all the reasons I mentioned and more. But if you’re stuck in getting it “perfect”, you’re going to feel frustrated and disempowered, because that vantage-point activates the fear of “being wrong”, or not choosing the “right path”. Our bliss is not determined by getting it “right” all of the time.

IMG_1260What’s just as important as knowing “your what” is living your purpose. You can start by making your daily decisions from a vantage point of love — love for yourself, love for your life, relationships, your work, and love for the possibilities that you’re creating in the present moment.

When you come from love, you’re seeing your choices as your Eternal Being sees them. From this vantage point, there’s no need to be perfect, or feeling like you’re “not there yet”. Instead, you see opportunities to create more joy, more curiosity, more fulfillment, and more fun! When we choose from love, in other words — delight, fondness and positive expectations — we get more of that in return. Life becomes this amazing adventure of; “what do I want to create or experience now?” Choose not from the need to get it right or perfect, but choose for the love of what you get to experience. Do that, and you’ll never feel like you’re “off your path.”

Here’s a Purpose-Expanding Invitation and Exercise

Start where you are. What will you be doing after you finish reading this? Will you be doing that with a clear purpose — in other words, knowing what you want to create and experience — or will you be going through the motions, with little thought about the impact you want your actions to have? To live a life of purpose, we must know why we’re doing what we’re doing, as we do it, whatever “it” may be.

So, I’m inviting you to play a game today. Every time you move from one activity to the next, pause for aGot_Purpose_
moment and ask yourself; what do I really what to create here? Who do I want to be? Think about how you want to feel, and what you want to contribute. Then move forward with that intention. For example, if you’re getting ready to go eat, ask yourself what do I want to create or experience? You may choose something like this; “My intentions are to enjoy every delicious bite, to have an uplifting conversation with my friends, and to feel light and satisfied as I finish my meal.” This choice will influence what you choose to eat, as well as how you feel during, and after your meal. It also gets you present to creating conversations that produce joy and possibility, rather than defaulting to something else that may not feel as fulfilling to you.

This may seem like a simple exercise, but try it for a day, a week is even better. See what opens up for you, and you’ll want to make this part of your regular way-of-being.

Pause between each natural segment and be purposeful. When we do this as a practice, starting wherever we are, we soon realize that it’s easy and natural to do things with love, when we’re present to what we’re creating. With each conscious intention, with each purposeful step forward, we expand our ability to live a life of purpose and joy. We expand our ability to experience life, as we truly want it to be, whether we’re choosing what we want to experience at our next meal, in our next conversation, or in our life’s mission. Ask yourself; what do I really want to create here? Who do I want to be?

And so it is!

Have an awesome week, and be sure to check your inbox next week for more fun and purposeful tips and practices!

Much Love, 


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