Life Strategies And 5 Powerful Questions

I’m starting this week’s message by asking you a really powerful question.

What is your strategy or philosophy for living a fulfilling life?

Maybe you experience life as a beautiful adventure, and at other times you feel that it’s as one “bleeping thing” after another. Maybe you experience yourself as a powerful creator who can create anything, and sometimes you feel that you have absolutely no say in the matter. Maybe you experience life as fun, or interesting at times, and at other times you question why you’re here.

Here’s what’s so important to see if you want to experience more magic and joy in your life, in a more consistent way.

1. The way you see your life colors everything you experience. Your vantage-point about the nature of life is a self-defining, core belief — that ripples out into every nook and cranny of your life. This is why I do the life purpose and awareness-raising work that I do.  Your life philosophy impacts your relationships, how you experience work, what you allow

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yourself to have, how you see yourself, and how you respond to those little “annoyances” that pop up every now and again.

2. If we don’t purposefully choose how we want to experience life, and then commit to a strategy or philosophy that supports that experience, then we can’t create and sustain that experience for any length of time. Instead, we’ll experience life like a ship without a rudder, getting tossed around by external conditions and other people’s opinions.

3. For a life philosophy to be effective, it has to be seen as a north star, a guiding light that you consistently use, regardless of outside conditions. You believe in it, and it nurtures and supports the most fulfilling expression of you and your life!

4. Even if you haven’t consciously chosen a life philosophy, you have one. Your predominant experience of life reflects it.

If you have chosen a life philosophy, but you don’t stay present to it, or you question it, or it isn’t showing up in your life, in the way you want it to, then you’re also in the right place, at the perfect time. And you are definitely not alone! You’ll have an opportunity in a moment to choose a powerful philosophy, or perhaps you’ll see that your next step — is to truly embrace it, or give yourself the support to integrate it, in a more meaningful way. More on that later, but for now let’s get back to the importance of having a nurturing life philosophy that allows you to grow and expand, in the way you really want.

If you see life as a series of challenges you have to get through, then you’ll experience life in that way, and rob yourself of much of the joy of being in physical form. You cannot see miracles, attract, or experience them, because you don’t see life that way.

You can’t receive, what you don’t expect to get or have.

When you live life as a miraculous and beautiful adventure, you experience a deeper union between the physically oriented self and the sacred spirit within and all around you. When you live life as a beautiful adventure, you also come to understand that you are made to sail into uncharted territory, because that’s where the juice, the new skills, and the expansion are! Just as ships were made to leave the harbor, you are created to explore and create, as a creator, moving beyond where you’ve been before.

So, do you have a philosophy about life that nurtures and uplifts you, that empowers and enlivens you?

If so, how do you use it to expand your joy and sense of purpose?

Here are five questions to help you discover a powerful life philosophy, or deepen one you already have:

1. How are you currently experiencing life? Life is…

2. Think of something you really want to expand in your life experience, that hasn’t yet materialized for you. If you could have that experience, in exactly the way you want it, what would that look like? Feel like? (Hint: Don’t put any limitations on what is possible here. If you do by being “reasonable”, you will limit the zest and magic that you can experience!

3. Now, what do you have to accept as true or possible in order to have that?

4. If you could create your very own philosophy about life to reflect that new possibility, what would it be? Life is … and I am…

5. Now, what action will you take today to use this new outlook, so you can benefit from it in the way you truly desire? (Hint: Doing it today is important. It keeps this empowering way-of-being from disappearing!)

Take action, no matter how small, to anchor your powerful philosophy in a deeper, more meaningful way. Continue to explore it, and use it with grace, ease, and liberating consistency. Celebrate your expanded sense of Self, and the expanded sense of enthusiasm and aliveness! And if you’d like powerful support for creating more of what matters to you in a way that feels amazing, I can help. 

Walk in Beauty,


“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or

as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein






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