Letting Life Be Easy!

In my writing this morning I was tuning into the energies of being and doing, and what’s showing up for people in my circle.

Have you noticed that pushing forward, or “willing things to happen” no longer works for you like it used to? Maybe you just want life to be easier and simpler?

Awesome! As we grow and learn, we naturally place a higher value on who we are being.  When that happens there’s nothing wrong. It’s a good thing! There’s a fundamental shift happening, and a recognition of what really matters to you, as you grow and evolve in consciousness!  Allowing ourselves to have what we really want, like ease and grace, for example, only feels hard or awkward,  if we try to use the “old ways” of pushing or trying.

 Here’s what I’m seeing about ease and grace, as we align with what matters!

When I work with people I tune into what they really want, as well as the source of frustration, and why they’re dis-allowing what they say they want.

Lately, there’s been a lot of energy around resisting what is wanted because … there’s a fear that if you get what you want, you’ll have to work harder. So let’s say you want something, like more clients for example, yet at the same time, you don’t want it … because subconsciously you believe that means you have to work harder.  Here’s another example, you want more ease and grace, but don’t really think you can have it and be productive or prosperous.

This way of thinking will create a lot of frustration and unmet desires. It’s a lot like turning on a beacon,  so you can attract what you want, and then shutting off that same light … because you don’t want to be seen, or think you can’t have what you really want.

Can you see the dilemma?

If we’re not conscious of what we’re really producing with our intentions, we may try harder, do more, read another book, go to another seminar …  and maybe even choose another path!  But none of these actions will work if we don’t shift our consciousness about what we believe or think is true!  Awareness is required!

When you’re aware that you’re not receiving what you want, let’s say ease and grace, stop resisting. Take a deep breath and let go of the stress in your body. Breath deeply and relax. Turn your attention toward what you want. Let it be easy!

And as you are doing anything … know that anything that is done solely as a means to an end,  can not be experienced in a joyful way!   This is why “work” becomes “work for so many people. It becomes a “have to” or an “in order to” make more money. And so the joy disappears.

Love and abundance go hand in hand. When we love what we do, and do what we love we are getting to the purpose of life. And that is joy! 

What can you do to bring love and appreciation into your work, your relationships, your life? Do that and more will be given to you!

Walk in beauty!


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