Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!

Elari OnawaThis book is dedicated to everyone who has ever had a dream but then struggled to achieve it. These words are dedicated to all those who are ready for true grace and inspiration to enter their lives in a very real way.

In “Just Believe” you will enter a world of unconditional love, for yourself and your life. Imagine that. What would open up for you, if you let go of the constraints of disempowering thinking?

Believe in yourself

Be Naturally Unstoppable

Believe in yourself Live With Greater Purpose and Joy

Believe in yourself

Claim Your Awesomeness

This is your invitation to enter a New World of Self-Belief, where you will know peace in the present, and unshakable faith in yourself and your future.  This is what is needed to live a life fully Self-expressed, from the Soul, rather the self- critical conversations that keep you from experiencing the true gift and beauty of your life!

In these pages, you WILL find the courage to let your light shine as brightly as it can!

You are amazing; it’s time to claim it!


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What Others Are Saying

thankyou1“I just wanted to tell you that your book is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I have read it three times now.  You put your heart and soul into that book and I just wanted to let you know that it is made a huge impact on my life.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been and all my plans for the future are falling in place with ease and little effort.  Thanks for writing such an inspirational book and outlining a fantastic way to live life. I wish it was available years ago.  THANK YOU!!!!”   – Hugh C.

Diana TresslerReclaimed My Power

“I experienced a delightful unraveling and healing of an old clump of stuck, self-sabotaging energy. Today I reclaimed my inner power!”

-Diana Tressler Virginia Beach, VA

Gini BondsSelf-Love

“I got self-awareness and self-love!  I’m clear about what really matters to me, and can be fully present for myself and others!  It’s a GREAT THING FOR THIS WORLD TO HAVE Elari in it. Thank you!”

– Gini Bonds, Virginia Beach, VA

CamiIt Was Easy

“I surpassed all of my goals, and it was easy. I’m in a new relationship and just bought another investment property. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

– Cami Beckerdite Nevada City, CA

AlineThis is a Must!

“This is a must for anyone who wants to connect with their heartfelt dreams and desires. ”

-Aline Hanle, Author Beyond Fitness Austin Texas

Gail EvansGoes to the Heart!

“This goes right to the heart of why we fail to make the progress we desire.”

– Gail Evans, Author of She Wins, You Win, Atlanta, GA

DJ JohnsonGot the Freedom

“I got the freedom to choose powerfully. I really love the grace and ease I now have.  I would recommend this to everyone!”

– DJ Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA

Hardship isn’t caused by a lack of talent or potential, but in the refusal to believe in ourselves, and in the possibility that we can actually have what we truly desire! You are amazing; it’s time to claim it!

Just Believe-Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!

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