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Just Believe! Elari Onawa

Tuesday Evenings

January 06, 13, 20 & 27 2015 (7 PM to 9 PM)

Welcome to the Breakthrough 2015 “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!” Group Page! Feel free to download the recordings or listen to them here. As with all materials they are for your private use only.

A Safe Haven

Great care has been taken to create a safe and nurturing space for everyone in the group. So, please keep what is shared by others confidential. Although this goes without saying,  I do want to emphasize that it is an honor to hold the space for one another’s Self-Discovery. It’s natural that people will share personal aspects of themselves, their goals or struggles. What an honor this is for all of us! To be clear,  what others share inside the group, is not to be shared with anyone, unless the person who shared the information has given you explicit permission to do so.

Use the Declaration of Independence!

As we’ll be using the “Declaration of Independence” Practice throughout the 4 Sessions, I’m including it here for you. Be certain you rewrite this in your own handwriting and as you do, breathe in the words, consider them, and embrace their deeper meaning. Place an index card next to your bed, and carry another declaration with you during the next 30 days. To see more about using “Your Declaration of Independence” see page 20 in the book. Also refer to the “Magic in the Mirror Method” and “The Mini-Power Meditation Method on pages 48-51 for two powerful ways to help you accelerate the anchoring of your Unconditional Self Love and Confidence!

You are amazing, born to experience all of the beauty that is inside you. It’s time to claim your awesomeness! This is where you’ll find the freedom to be unshakeable!

 Your Declaration of Independence

” I ______________ believe in myself and my life. I am now the source of my own approval. I love and appreciate myself, , my abilities, and my heartfelt dreams and desires right here and now! And so it is!

Audio Download Instructions: From your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD link and choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”. Save the file to your computer. If you prefer, you can also listen directly from your device by clicking on the play button for each recording.

BulletOrangeSession I Tuesday Jan 6, 2015


Length: 33:22

Exploration Belief & Declaration of Independence

Length: 52:59

End of Exercise & Close

Length: 26:16


1) Use the Declaration of Independence daily as described on page 20.

2) Also each morning, before getting out of bed write down 5 unique things that would have you “springing out of bed” in the morning! These are possibilities that fill you with anticipation and joy.  By next Tuesday, you’ll have 35 unique possibilities that light you up. If you need help getting the ideas flowing, you way want to start with, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” Then fill in the blank. This isn’t a time to consider how, or to evaluate the merits of anything you write down. Just have fun exercising your imagination muscle!

3) Read the book at your own pace, slowly and thoughtfully. If possible read a little bit everyday, it will help you get the most out of this program.


Bring your book, notebook and list of 35 awesome possibilities with you on Tuesday Jan. 13th!


BulletGreen2Session II Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

You have nothing to prove, and don’t have to earn anyone’s love or approval, not even God’s! You are already loved, you are already perfect enough, good enough, and lovable enough … simply because you’re here! When we believe in ourselves, we claim our own value! So there’s no need to find validation and approval outside ourselves. We’re free to say yes, or no from a genuine desire to do so!

The secret you see resides in your commitment to believing in yourself. You are the source of approval or judgment. It is entirely up to you!  Just be willing to believe, because you are absolutely, positively worth it!!

Much Love,

Welcome and Sharing Realizations!

Length: 41:26


I Believe Guided Meditation

Length: 12:11


Readings and Discussion

Length: 1:04:57


This week’s practice

1. Continue to use the declaration of independence.

2. Read chapters 4 and 5. Come next week prepared to discuss any revelations or questions you have. Be sure to do the the exercises at the end of chapter 5. You will have a very clear and powerful way of seeing yourself and your life after doing this exercise!

3. In order to have something new in our lives… we need to expand our concept of what is possible… and most importantly we need to upgrade the way we see ourselves. If we want to improve the quality or our journey … we love what we desire things into existence, rather than thinking there is something wrong because it hasn’t shown up yet. Most importantly we love and believe in ourselves. ** Come prepared to share how you are “loving things into existence” as well as loving yourself and your life now!**


Session III Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

Welcome and Discussion : Believing Things into Existence, Truth and Stories, The Power of Core Beliefs!
Length: 42:13

Exercise:What Believing in Yourself and Your Life Looks Like!

Length: 51:24

Closing and This Week’s Practice

Length: 14:02

This week’s practice

1. Continue to use the declaration of independence.

2. Look at how you want to now see yourself and your life. And take on the exercise of seeing yourself as a masterful creator. You may have different ways of defining this for yourself p. 111-112 What tools can you bring forth to stay in this powerful space? (You may way want to create an archtype for yourself.) See the bonus handout here or attached to the email I sent out when this page was updated!

3. Take out your springing out of bed list. Expand it from the vantage point of things you’d love to learn this year, experiences you’d love to have, heartfelt desires you’d love to come to fruition…all in celebration of you! Then circle 3-5 priorities and come prepared to learn how to create that for yourself next week, from the vantage point of the masterful creator!

4. Reading: See if you can read 3-5 pages each day. But the key is to go at a pace that allows you to absorb the meaning and see how you can apply what you’re are reading, so it truly makes a difference for you!
I will be scheduling a free group follow up and celebration after next weeks session. Bring your calendars !

Session IV Tuesday Jan 27, 2015

 Welcome and the Masterful Creator Space

Length: 27:08


The Possibilities of Archetype- Being Self-Defined as a Masterful Creator

There are a lot of advantages to defining your spiritual ideal. When you do, and then embody that for yourself, you’re stepping into self-definition in a very profound way. You’re giving yourself a way to “do life” , and creating a healthy distance from the trappings of identifying yourself with anything outside yourself. You’re free to be fully Self-expressed, as you’re taking on the role you have always had, but may not have fully grasped … that you are indeed a powerful creator! You’re amazing and you are claiming it!

>>> Download Archetype Descriptions Here <<<

arrow1To view the Archetype descriptions:  You can Right Click and choose “Save Link As or File As” or Left Click to read in your browser.

Length: 41:05

Looking in the Mirror Guided Meditation: Seeing Your Higher Self
(the Masterful Creator Archetype you Created)

Length: 11:22




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