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imagination bridge between worlds

WHEN: Monday evenings May 2, 9, 16 & 23 2016 ( 7 pm* to 9 pm

WHERE: 4010 Lake Ridge Circle Virginia Beach, VA 23452

*Arrive at 6:45 pm so you can relax and connect before we get started!

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination.” ~John Keats


Imagination is everything….

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What is the imagination and what is reality? Who determines reality? 

Step into these questions and explore them though the eyes and ears of Your Inner Genius. What is a Genius?

Genius: a Being who has an exceptional and natural capacity and intellect, and most importantly INSIGHT especially as shown in creative and original works in science, art, music, life….

At one point in the evolution of language, the word Genius was used to describe “the guardian of a place”.  This is no coincidence, for we are each stewards of our own realities. We are called to watch over it, nurture it , love  and cultivate it , just as we would a sacred place or a beautiful garden. You are the Genius. It is awaiting your love and recognition. Allow it to blossom and savor what unfolds for you.

In the weeks ahead we will delve into the mighty imagination… that wonderful, delightful and powerful space that allows us to move beyond what has been to create something that is both fascinating and a source of joy for us. So as you go forward, you will notice that there will be intermittent stops and  occasional detours. This is so you can experience the imagination in a new and powerful way, one that will help you expand your aliveness and trust in this beautiful Universe  we live in. As my Spirit Guides once said… there is an entire Universe within you… let it be revealed. 

Your inner genius is that aspect of you that is bigger than you may sometimes think you are. As someone who is Infinite Potential, allow yourself to be amazed and fascinated. Let yourself journey into new territory and rediscover that sense of wonder you had when you were young and the world was still new. This is your invitation to put your feet in the sandbox of time and space, to taste the sacred sauce of serendipity and to embrace the magic within and all around you.


Your Session Recordings

Part I: Introduction What is Reality? What is Imagination? 

Length: 1 Hour 1 Minute


Part II: (Guided Meditation) Sensory Experiences and Meeting Your Inner Genius

Length: 22:31


Part III: Closing and Experiences

Length: 39:13



Your Practice Between Now and Next Session 

  1. Explore your Inner Genius. Consider what you experienced in the guided meditation and go beyond that. If you embraced your Inner Genius and really owned it, what would open up for you? How would you use the imagination differently? How would you view reality?
  2. Be Curious. When you observe yourself or look at something ask… why is this so? What if… ? How can I see this differently?
  3. Write down your insights about reality, imagination and who you are. Come prepared to share!

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions…knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.  ~Albert Einstein

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Imagination is everything, we create with it, and  receive with it. The more joyously receptive we are, the more life feels like play, and the more amazing our lives become! Just imagine!

These fun and powerful explorations below will help you expand your imagination muscles. Think of it as being in the Imagination Sandbox that goes beyond time and space!

Below the practices, you will find the recordings from this session.. enjoy!


Your Practice Between Now and Next Session 

Recall the number you chose in the session. it was a number between 1 and 15. Circle.

  1. Talk to the number you chose. Do some investigation about that number and what it means. Why did that number choose you? Numbers have resonance and meaning, find out why your number chose you.
  2.  You’ll find 15 fun mind-expanding explorations below. Go to the number you chose. This is your perfect and playful practice for the week ahead. It will be the one you will get the most benefit from. As you do the exercise, see if you can see why that practice is so perfect for you! 



Book Magnet Magic: Think of a question you’d like answered. Would you appreciate a powerful new vantage point about something you want to create or understand in your life?  Great; now write down your question(s). Then go to a bookshelf in your home or your favorite bookstore. Open a book that’s drawing your attention, and open it. Put your finger on a sentence or word and start reading. How does it relate to what you wanted to know? How can this benefit you? What do you see from this vantage point? Sit with this for a few moments and choose what you want to do with this information. How do you want to apply, or use this? What new perspective or understanding is now available to you?  Is there something else you want to do with this new vantage point? Apply it in a fun and powerful way!


Awesome Assumption Amplifier: Imagine you’re a character in a fairy tale. You’ve always received everything you’ve ever wanted. You have a happy ending every day, and it just keeps getting better. You love the process of creating! You realize this is so because of your magic powers, your ability to amplify awesome assumptions. You snap your fingers, blink your eyes three times and your assumptions about what you want to experience become even more awesome than before! Imagine this is how you “do life”. What does that feels like? Do you feel happy, positively expectant, appreciative, or confident? Great, you’re on the right track. With this energetic frequency, you’ll attract more of what you truly desire.  No matter what shows up, it’s for your highest benefit, and is working on your behalf to bring even more awesomeness into your experience!


Insightful Illustrations: Go to a favorite site to browse images. You may enjoy exploring iStock Photo, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Pinterest or Flickr. You might also choose a favorite online or print magazine that is rich with vibrant photographs and illustrations. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Ask a question you’d like to explore or simply ask; what insight or understanding would be of most benefit to me right now? What is it I need to know about my journey? As you browse the illustrations, allow one to stand out for you. Which one is calling you? Choose one and stay with it. Be with it. What is this image saying to you? How does it make you feel?  What stands out about the image you selected? If you feel drawn to choose another image as a clarifier, do so. When the timer goes off, write down what insights you received from being with the selected illustrations or photographs. What do you want to do with these insights?


Modern Day Shaman: Imagine you are a modern day shaman. You have a deep connection to and understanding of — the web of life, its Truth Principals, and how to apply them in a powerful way. As a Modern day Shaman, you have access to spiritual wisdom, and the cause and effect relationships between all things. You are in the world, engaged, happy, but not caught under the spell of stories. You’re able to rise above the illusion of stories, soar above the trees and land on the branches of the Sacred  Wisdom Tree. You see the weather and know what it is telling you. You see the physical manifestations around you, and know from whence they came. You see discord, and you know how to heal it. You see the most fulfilling dreams and desires that are calling you, and you know how to allow them to come into physical form.  You see what is underneath and beyond. You speak and listen to your benevolent ancestors, and Spirit Guides and take their guidance into your inner counsel. If you were to try this on as a way of being, a philosophy, or  way of life for you, what would be available for you? What would be possible? Is this something that appeals to you? Why or why not? How do you want to “do life”? You  get to choose!


Can you spare some change? In this funny and fabulously transformational space, you are embracing humor as your new super power! Think of something you’d like to transform or create in your life. Now imagine you are walking down a beautiful tree-lined street with a lot of enticing shops and sensory delights. You smell the bread from the bakery around the corner and love the vibrant colors in the shop windows, and the beautiful architecture of the buildings that line both sides of the street. All around you people are smiling, happy, and laughing. This is a thriving community and you are part of it. As you enjoy your stroll, you look in the shop window. You hear someone behind say; excuse me, can you spare some change?  You are surprised when you see a young child’s radiant face smiling up at you. Of course; you say and you reach into your pocket and hand him/her some change. Instead of taking it, she/he smiles and closes your hand around the money. The polite reply comes from wise and sparkling eyes, no thank you, I mean can you spare some change, of the positive good feeling vibe variety? You laugh and say absolutely! What would you like to say to this young child? If this were your inner child asking you to come out and play, what do you think he or she would say to you. What would you want to say to him or her? How do you want to do with this experience? How could it make a difference for you? Write down or meditate on your insights.  


Metaphorical Musings: Metaphors allow us to understand ourselves and life in new, exciting and deeper ways. And when we expand our understanding and vantage-points, we expand what we’re able to experience in life! It’s fun too! With metaphorical thinking, you stretch the imagination by linking seemingly unrelated items and finding their similarities. So, ask yourself one, or all of these questions and play! What does a tree and your life have in common? If you where a planet, what would you call yourself and why? How are your ideas about your livelihood like your favorite childhood toys?  What does your dog or cat and a Zen Master have in common? What does a car and a clock have in common? What expanded for you through the exploration of your chosen metaphor? What other metaphors can you come up with to help you understand yourself on a deeper level?


Sun Salutation: When you arise and throughout the day, acknowledge and embrace the life-giving  properties of the sun. Imagine drawing substance, vibrancy, creativity and joy from its infinite pool of resources. Feel its warmth on your face shining upon you, hugging you and supporting you. How do you see the sun? What does the Sun represent to you? What mysteries and nourishment will you discover?


Keeva Kiva: This is a practice given to me by my Spirit Guides many years ago. I use it during  some healing and coaching sessions, specifically when I am called to do so. From the Celt tradition, Keeva is a female name meaning  gentle, beautiful and precious, and the word Kiva is the name for a Hopi shelter used for sacred rituals. In Hebrew, Kiva is a rare, feminine name which means to protect and shelter. It was given to me because it weaves together the gifts I experienced, nourished and strengthened across many lifetimes. I am sharing it with you, so you can experience its healing powers. As you enter the chamber, know that Keeva Kiva means gentle, beautiful, precious sacred shelter. Imagine you are now standing under an energy dome. You are inside a chamber filled with divine love and higher understanding. The dome above you comes all the way down into the earth, and the floor beneath you seals this energy structure on all sides. Imagine you are now seated comfortably in the center of this sacred structure; feel the boundaries of the Keeva Kiva. How far out do they go? How do you feel when you make it bigger, or smaller?  As you get more and more present to the feeling of this structure, imagine experiencing your very own gentle, beautiful, preciousness. Sit with this Truth… you are beautiful, gentle and precious beyond what words could ever convey. You are beautiful and precious. Allow this to sink in, embrace this Truth, own it in all your glory. Stay here as long as you like, notice what it happening. You may experience imagines, sensations, immense relief or peace and may cry when the Truth of this statement; you are beautiful and precious really sinks into the fiber of your understanding and being. Stay as long as you like and allow the Keeva Kiva to open your eyes, heal, sooth and nourish you. When you are complete for now, stand up and see a white iridescent door appear before you. Walk through it and see the Keeva Kiva dissolve as you exit. How have you transformed as a result of this experience? Know that you can come back here anytime.


Celebrate Your Beautiful Beliefs: Look inside your collection of recent accomplishments and experiences  with fresh eyes. What are you really proud of, or what did you really enjoy? Pick one thing,  and write a list of beliefs that allowed that wonderful, delightful accomplishment or experience to come into existence. Looking over your list, which single belief feels the most empowering to you? Tell it you’d like to keep it around and leverage it again and again. See this as a match made in heaven! Then throw yourself a party with balloons and cake!  See yourself benefiting from this beautiful belief and your ability to call it into your experience in such a fun and delicious way! Invite other beautiful beliefs to your party. Write them down and feel how happy they make you feel! It’s a party to celebrate your awesomeness!


Play With It! Sometimes when we have a new idea, especially if it’s really different from what we’ve known, it may feel scary. If we follow the fear, we’re stuck with it in all kinds of interesting expressions… wether it shows up as worry, avoidance, anxiety, or procrastination, we know when we are avoiding something because of fear. Fear-based feelings come up when we haven’t upgraded how we see ourselves, and so the mental and emotional levels feel really uncomfortable. Enter the Mighty Imagination, tah dah! Make  fear small  and “dare I say fun” to deal with.  Imagine your fears as cute, little, fuzzy stuffed animals. Maybe anxiety becomes Mickey Mouse in his Sorcerers Apprentice garb, or worry becomes a tiny, brown teddybear with big eyes and a button nose. The imagination can help you put any emotional response into a more powerful perspective by helping you see once again that you are indeed a powerful creator, far bigger than any emotional response.Talk to your stuffed animal avatar. Ask it what it’s afraid of and listen. Write down what you hear, if it helps you. You will see something powerful about yourself too — you’re bigger than you thought you were, and you’re kind, powerful and playful too! Once  you see the fear from your Bigger Vantage Point, and allow it a voice, it can fade away. Your willingness to be bigger than it, and to see it as the “made up story” it is, gives you the freedom to create something else. So, how would you like to see yourself now? When you see your idea as some variation of fun, exciting or doable … you’re on the right track. Never underestimate the power of play!


Best Christmas Ever: This is a rapid idea generator game. Its perfect when you want to receive  a lot of ideas quickly and then choose something that really lights you up! It’s also a great way to upgrade your ability to receive joyously and unconditionally. First, you’ll want to get into a joyously receptive mode. You’ll do this by imagining you are receiving gifts from all over of the planet and Universe! Start small if needed, but the idea is to keep building and expanding … let the gifts and the joy you feel get bigger, and bigger and bigger. Make a list of all of the experiences, things, gifts, attributes, love and well wishes you imagine receiving. If you want, make a note of where the gift came from,  and how it feels to receive such an awesome gift! Note the details, colors, frequency and variety of gifts. Are they all wrapped? How does it feel to be the recipient of so many awesome gifts? Once you feel “like it’s your best Christmas ever” feel appreciation for all that you received, and what’s also in the process of becoming. When you’re feeling joyously receptive, ask for ideas about whatever topic you wish to explore, problem you’d like to solve, or idea you’d like to clarify. Just write, and keep writing without editing. Make a note of everything that pops in, don’t evaluate it, just write it down. Have fun receiving ideas! When you have a generous list of ideas and feel complete, put down your pen. Get up and walk around, clear your mind and get a drink of water if needed. Now when you come back, look at your list of ideas from the vantage point of a joyous receiver of awesome life experiences! Which idea or ideas are calling you? Is there one that feels more powerful? Are there two that are equally intriguing? Do you want to combine them, or do you feel drawn to choose just one? Now receive the idea that lights you up. Receive it, embrace it, and appreciate it. Now see yourself using this idea(s) in a powerful way. Allow the inspiration to grow and then follow the Christmas magic!


Sacred Council: It’s time to assemble your Sacred Council, your Guides, or if you choose, your  divine inner attributes and really own them. How do you see divine guidance? Retreat into a quiet space and recharge and replenish. Breathe deeply, and allow yourself to be bathed in sacred light. Breathe it in. Feel it and then share it. See the sacred white light emanating from you in every direction. Let it fill the room, go beyond it, and more, and more and more. Fill the world with your sacred light. Now make it smaller, slowly bring it back toward you, and stop about 4 feet from your body. Let the white light emanate from you in every direction. Let it get brighter, and brighter. Feel  the sacred white light throughout your body replenishing every cell, organ, system and tissue. You are the light. If you wish to assemble your sacred council, write down your big why. What is the purpose of this council for you? Who are they and why do you want to confer with them?  If you want to own your divine inner attributes, write down all of the reasons why you are ready to recognize them. Write down why you deserve them, and are ready to fully own them! Congratulations, you’ve activated a sacred beacon and your intentions are both powerful and clear! From here, allow yourself to explore and reach out to me, if you need assistance.


Love it into existence!

“The minute I heard my first love story

I started looking for you,

not knowing

how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along.”  ~Rumi

What have you been longing for? Step out of the longing and embrace it, be it. Love the idea of it until is becomes so real to you that you can feel it done.  Then let it go and tell the Universe that you are ready to receive. Imagine wonder, imagine fulfillment. Let that be enough for now, and what you desire will surely come to pass.


Miraculous Movement: 

What area could use more movement, more imagination, more joy?




life’s work




relationship with nature… money… children

love life

Pick an area where you’d like to feel more movement, more imagination, more joy. Now place this situation in a beautiful travel pouch. Notice the details of your pouch, the colors, and how you can wear it. You will be taking this area of your life on a journey into new perspectives and  energy. Rise into the ethers and fly with your angels. Play in this space for awhile until you feel ready to land. And when you do, see yourself in a golden palace. You enter a grand ballroom. Notice who’s there. Who is waiting to great you? Take in the sights and smells, and then see yourself being invited onto the dance floor. You are moving gracefully to the music, dancing, then twirling, smiling and having fun! You dance, you dine, you play, you celebrate! Feel the powerful energy of positive movement within, and all around you. Now dance your way into your current space and open your eyes slowly. Feel the presence of this uplifting movement. How can you bring this joyful energy and movement into your chosen area? Your angels are with you. Let them expand your concept of what’s possible. They will show you that there are many forms of movement… mental…emotional…physical…what flows toward you, as well as well as what flows away. The Universe responds to your requests. Write down your insights and the miraculous movement you are now allowing into this chosen area. What does this  open up for you? See it unfolding with divine perfection. And so it does!   


Fall in love with the imagination. Let it take you where you want to go. Ask and receive. Dance, skip and play your way to greater joy. Create a list of creative, inspiring ideas. Start with I love the idea of… and keep building upon it. I love the idea of this , and that … and that and that.. Allow your joy to overflow with all of your beautiful ideas and dreams and desires the you fully intend to manifest! Honor and respect these dreams and desires, because they are calling you forth to who you truly are! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. What matters is your willingness to play, to see your ideas as possible and to embrace the energy of yes, I can! Sweet!

Your Session Recordings

Part I: Welcome and Sharing

Length: 27:03


Part II: Imagination and Mind Building Exercise

Length: 40:11


Part III: Ideas, Assumptions and Between Now and Next Session

Length: 55:04


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imagination sketchYour brain is a powerful receiver and transmitter. Thoughts and their corresponding feelings  carry a vibrational (energetic) frequency. The better you feel about yourself and your life, the higher the frequency you are vibrating from. Higher-frequency emotions like: happiness, love, appreciation, joy, curiosity, playfulness, enthusiasm, confidence, peace and hopefulness, for example,  attract more good-feeling: images … ideas … thoughts … people … events … desires … resources … and experiences … those  that are vibrating at, or around that same frequency.  Everything that shows up in your life (that’s about you) is responding to your frequency!  Good to know, isn’t it? 

The  frequency you are currently vibrating from is what you are transmitting in the current moment, and therefore, capable of receiving! This is why fun and fabulous ideas and possibilities flow to you … when you’re in a playful or easy going mood or vantage point. This means you are on the right channel to allow more good-feeling things to flow to you, and that includes the thoughts and images you receive! Sweet!

This is also why cultivating disempowering, or lower-vibrational frequencies, for example,  by entertaining thoughts of doubt, worry, or reasons why you can’t , will attract more thoughts that support that way of thinking.  If you practice lower-frequency expectations (and therefore their corresponding emotions), this will  prove your point that things don’t work the way you want them to, and on.. and on…that cycle goes. You get to be right and struggle, that is, until you say; no more, and step out of that habit of cultivating “I can’ts”!

When you say yes to your awesomeness and to the wonderful gift of  your miraculous, fabulous life … you will feel incredible…. and are thrilled  by what shows up! Why? Because you’re in tune with what your Soul Knows to Be True… of course, I can … I can  be, have or experience whatever I see as possible! Enter the one, the only, the wonderful Mighty Imagination!

Whatever you consistently imagine in your nonphysical reality, shows up in your physical reality!

imagine people sculptureYou Get to be Here… So, Go Play!

Cultivating good-feeling frequencies places you on an upward spiral of expansion and enlightenment, because you’re in tune with your Soul Truth.  These higher-frequency feelings also align you with what you really want. If your frequencies are ever off, in the land of doubt, for  example, no amount of hard work, or checking things off a list with get you where you really want to go.


So,  it’s not about what you do, it’s about how you feel!


What matters is feeling good, feeling awesome, allowing yourself to be happy and fulfilled because that’s who you are at a soul level .. a joyous  happy bundle of love! Be joyously receptive and you will amaze yourself!

How?  Say YES to your happiness . Say YES to  your heartfelt dreams and desires. Love them into existence!  There are a lot of ways to do this… do what makes you IMG_1257happy … look at what’s working, instead of what’s not working … imagine the absolute best-case scenarios instead of the worst … have more fun…hug a tree.. hug yourself..be unconditionally happy…. put on a funny movie …laugh more …  embrace powerful awe-inspiring vantage points about yourself and how life works… use your awesome imagination for you instead of against you!

Be happy because you’re choosing to be , not because something has to happen, in order for you to feel happy. Expecting something outside of yourself to make you happy never works anyway , because you have to be in a good-feeling frequency first, in order to experience more of what you truly want!

Do the practice you received though the number that chose you (see the section above, under Session II) and when it no longer fits, pick another number and do that one with zeal and enthusiasm. Why? Because you get to…because the journey matters more than the destination! There will always be another desired destination, because you’re eternal. So if you think “getting everything done” will  make you happy, you’ll never feel like you’re enough, because you’ll always be creating and growing. You are eternal!   

Choose to love the creative  process, love the upward, emotional journey. Embrace your Mighty Imagination and allow your Sacred Dreams to Fly!

Happiness IS the Truth!

You’ll discover Session III’s  Awesome Adventure, the feel-good frequency tuner upper, (formerly called Prince, I mean practice) below! Have fun!

Your Session Recordings

Part I: What Is,  Was and 

Length: 1 Hour


Part II: What Could Be

Length: 58:20



This Week’s Awesome Adventure (This is your feel-good frequency tuner upper)

Estimated Time to More Fun and More Awesome: Why count? But do give yourself 25 to 30 minutes to get this for yourself. Once you do so a couple of times, it will be be quicker. You can use this process over and over again,in any area, to embody the frequency , and therefore attract what you really want. Enjoy!

You’ll benefit most if you do this as soon as possible.

Part I: The Practice that Chose You!

  1. Recall your number from session II.
  2. Go back to Session II Section on this page  and read the practice that chose you, slowly and thoughtfully, from the vantage point of what would happen if you took it on as a way of being . 
  3. Write down how you intend to benefit from that. How do you want to  feel?
  4. Close your eyes and embody that, see it, feel it. Put yourself in different situations creating from that, speaking from that way of being,  attracting more of what you really want … experiencing the best, being that!

Part II: Take out your journal and Answer these questions:

  1. What have I discovered so far out of being in this Imagination Exploration?
  2. How do I intend to benefit from this?
  3. What frequency will I embody in order to receive that ?
  4. Close your eyes and embody that, see it, feel it. Put yourself in different situations attracting that, experiencing that, being that!

Every morning, for 3-5 minutes repeat step 4 in parts I and II. See yourself embodying your desired way of doing life. Then see and feel yourself embodying  how you intend to benefit from being in this Awesome Imagination Adventure.  Then go about your day. Throughout the day,   observe how you are feeling . It if feels good, celebrate that. If it doesn’t, imagine something better, and better and better..


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IMG_1267Your Session Recordings

Part I: Receiving a Gift from Your Soul

Length: 20:36


Part II: The Power of Play, No Limits Thinking and What You Received 

Picasso once said; everything you can imagine is real. Another way to say this is…Fantasy that is focused and nourished becomes physical reality. So should we embrace PLAY and Fantasy? YES it is the basis of creation! Get that alone and your whole life changes! Play, Have Fun, Embrace Your Amazing Life. Let your imagination take you where you want to go!

Length: 1:55


Recommendations for Getting the Most out of this Program:

  1. Keep using your imagination. Embrace it and use it to play and to bring your desired non-physical reality into physical reality.
  2. Ask yourself as you go about your day; how can I use my imagination to expand my happiness, my joy, my love for life? Then do that!
  3.  Continue to explore the practices under session II. Try them on with a sense of adventure, go deeper and have fun!
  4. Review your notes.  Get present to what you truly got, then use your imagination to see yourself using it in different areas of our life. This is how to expand quickly and easily align with what you want (aka the fun and fabulous way)!

Much Love to you!


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