Just Imagine: More Play, Ease and Awesomeness!

Transforming Paradigms about the Way We Work and Play

Just imagine life as you want it to be. Imagine worrying less and playing more! Imagine relishing more of each given day. Imagine peace and prosperity, ease and romance, deeper love for yourself, your friends and family, and love for your work. Imagine work that doesn’t feel like work, but feels like play! Imagine this and more. What would you like to give yourself? Imagine that!

MeekoAs I’m writing this, I’m listening to the wind chimes and birds outside my office.  I’m feeling a cool breeze on my face, and I see trees and sunshine through every window. My cat Meeko is lounging on my desk, and I feel great!

I’ve just returned from a vacation to New York with my honey Alex, and his two awesome daughters. And I can’t tell you how good it feels to be coming back to doing what I love, to a calling that lights me up! I remember when this wasn’t so, when I used to delay vacations, and rarely took time off.  And I actually used to dread Sundays, because at that time, it meant I was on an airplane the next day, traveling away from the home and people I loved. At that time, over sixteen years ago, I actually believed that I had to sacrifice, or put off my personal happiness in order to “earn a living”. It’s true; can you relate to that?

To be successful, you had to work long and hard, or so I was told, and so I used to believe! But then something shifted for me. I started to feel that there was something off about all of this “busyness”. I was a consultant then for fortune 500 companies, so I had the privilege of seeing some very interesting patterns.  Many people were placing far more value on accomplishment and the bottom line, than on their own happiness!  Can you relate to this in any way?

I realized then, that I no longer wanted to be a rat in a race for some future promise of bliss. I wanted to love the journey now! I wanted to define my own definition of success! And so I did. I took it on, and I am so glad that I made that choice! Because instead of waiting until “someday”, I started thriving in ways that I couldn’t even imagine then! I’m doing what I love, and created a lifestyle that’s a fit for me at a soul level!

I know it can feel scary to shift how you see work and play. It might feel like you have to change everything, or make some huge sacrifice. I’ve found in the countless conversations I’ve had with coaching clients, and program attendees that these fears often stem from concerns about money, losing their social circle, or not seeing who they truly are! Yet if you’re ready for something more, you may discover that all that’s needed is some fine tuning, and a simple plan that’s aligned with your soul desires.  The reward is greater happiness, freedom and creative Self-expression!

So, how about taking this on?

If you’re holding yourself back from experiencing joy and delight in any way— give up the ideas that perpetuate hardship. Just let them go, and dare to imagine something better! There are an infinite number of ways to see the world. Yes, infinite! If a vantage-point causes worry, self-doubt, hardship, have to’s, “busyness” or struggle, of any kind—just give it up, and replace it with something better!

“I’m letting that go, I’m giving that up… and I am now choosing to believe or imagine…”

If you’re thinking that beliefs have some mysterious hold over you, consider this—the stories, or beliefs about how life works are often not even yours. Someone made them up, and someone accepted them as true! Often beliefs are inherited, sometimes not, but one thing is certain, we perpetuate them, when we share them with others, or when we dwell upon them!

So let’s cultivate empowering beliefs in our own self-talk, with our family, friends and especially with our children! Let’s allow stories of prosperity, joy, and freedom be the news we pass on, so that is what others come to expect and believe! Let’s tell stories of beauty and grace, so they can be passed on from generation to generation, rather than stories of hard work and pain! Do you see the uplifting possibilities we can cultivate for ourselves and others?

Because you’re reading this, you are someone who is committed to powerful new paradigms, those that nurture amazing life experiences, and create fulfilling physical realities! Congratulations on being an uplifter and a person of contribution! See yourself as a powerful creator, someone who has the ability to easily create whatever she desires. Imagine you have clarity and ease! And imagine you have the ability to enjoy your life even more, wherever you may be right now. It’s not that you have to stay there if you don’t want to, but the place to start, is where you are. Choose to make happiness your number one priority now!

Can you just imagine, or would you be willing to …

think… believe, or fancy….

assume or suppose…

or see and plan for the absolute best?  What does that look like for you?

How about trying that right now?


And so it is!


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