Just Believe: Claim Your Awesomeness!



WHEN: Saturday October 17, 2015 ( 9 AM to 5 PM)

WHERE: 4010 Lake Ridge Circle Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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This uplifting, consciousness-raising program is based on my book Just Believe How Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything! It’s dedicated to all those who’re ready for grace and inspiration to enter their lives in a very powerful way. Are you ready to deepen your faith in yourself, your abilities and your heartfelt dreams and desires?  This program will open your eyes to your most powerful assets!

One of the greatest things you can ever master  – is the art and power of how you see yourself!

Your self image, what you believe to be true about yourself … well that determines what you will allow yourself to be, do and have! Many people talk about it, but few actually have developed the skills that are needed to live a powerful Self-realized, all-in, letting-it-be-amazing life!  

If you’re dealing with  fear, worry, self-doubt, struggle or counterproductive habits, then IT IS TIME to claim this powerful key to freedom!  And do it now, before worry or excuses talk you out of what you truly desire!


In this 1-Day Workshop You Will:

Believe in yourselfExpand your ability to have what you want in an easy and graceful way!  
Believe in yourselfLearn and use  a simple process that frees you from counterproductive thinking, worry, stress and doubt. It’s  fun and natural!
aligned and powerfulFeel greater fulfillment  and confidence now, as you connect with others, who are also committed to a deeper level of thriving!

aligned and powerfulEmbrace a deeper faith in Yourself and Get How Powerful You Already are! [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Mastering the Art of Believing!

A whole new world opens up for you,  when you master the art of believing! The truth is- cultivating empowering beliefs  is something that almost everyone has to learn! It requires something of us! It is a skill, and one that can be mastered! Yet, we have to get beyond the mental concept, if we are to embody a more powerful way of doing life ... one that allows us to be fully Self-expressed as the magnificent beings we are!


Who I Am and Why I Do What I Do


Elari OnawaHi, I’m Elari Onawa, a Self-Empowerment Program Leader, Coach, and Author of “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!” I’ve been teaching and coaching people, who are committed to greater Soul expression, since 2003. Prior to that, I led large business teams for over 20 years, helping them grow and expand. I’ve personally experienced deep shifts in my own life, especially after stepping out of a successful career in executive leadership, to open a business dedicated to helping others create a life that is aligned with the magnificence of who they truly are !  I do this work, because I’m dedicated to cultivating a world of self-realization, personal freedom, and joy! My programs are designed from the ground up to be powerful and fun, and they make a difference in your life now! I love and appreciate this opportunity to connect with you in this way!



Here’s What Others Have to Say


” I’ve now anchored powerful new beliefs- most importantly Believing in Me, and Believing in Support from the Universe! I now trust myself and my beliefs no matter what is happening out there! This has allowed me to get and demonstrate that all is possible. I’m still amazed by the miraculous stuff that’s showing up in my life now. It’s so much easier now! I also loved this group format and connecting with the awesome people in this program, including of course… Elari! Thank you! ”


Diana Tressler

“I experienced a delightful unraveling and healing of an old clump of stuck, limiting energy that was causing self-sabotage. I reclaimed my freedom and inner power !”

– DIANA TRESSLER. Virginia Beach, VA



“What an amazing experience. I have worked with Elari over the past five years. Each time I work with her, I am amazed. She is definitely a visionary that passes her transformative teachings onto her clients. Thank you!”

– LINDA SIMON Palm Harbor, Florida


Cami“I wanted to tell you again what a difference your program has made for me! Since working with you, I am in a new relationship, have recently moved, and just bought another investment property. I am so at ease now. Keep doing what you’re doing; it makes a difference!”



DJ Johnson“I have the freedom to play again. This was so joyful and fun, and I really love the grace and ease I now have.  I would recommend this program to everyone! Thanks!”

– DJ Virginia Beach, VA




Just Believe: Claim Your Awesomeness!
Just Believe: Claim Your Awesomeness!
WHEN: Saturday, October 17, 2015 (9 AM to 5 PM)
Check-in starts at 8:45 am. Plan on arriving then, so you can get settled and connect before we begin!

Join Me to Claim Your Awesomeness!
Price: $145


I’ll be working with in a small group setting  in this program, so if this is calling you, register now.

You’re absolutely amazing, and it’s time to claim it!


Questions? Let me know! 



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