It’s Not Just About Being Present …

Last week we talked about the importance of having and using a meaningful philosophy or strategy for living a fulfilling life.
I loved your comments and emails; keep them coming! It struck a chord with a lot of people in our community. If you missed that one, you may want to take a look at it now. It’s about embracing a powerful sense of direction and identity, from your perspective, from what truly matters to you!

When you’re anchored in what really matters to you, from a powerful purpose and mission, you are able to feel steady and supported, even in times of uncertainty. This inward journey can’t be navigated, without also discovering more about yourself, your Soul-Self. And what wondrous gifts you find when you look there!

You are a sacred traveler, exploring and creating who you are. The journey itself is the means by which you grow. With each choice and each perspective nurtured, you create yourself and your life.

To create well, we must cultivate presence. Presence is a powerful key to freedom. As Eckhart Tolle tells us; “Through self-observation, more presence comes into your life automatically. The moment you realize you are not present, you are present. Whenever you are able to observe your mind, you are no longer trapped in it.  Another factor has come in, something that is not of the mind: the witnessing presence.”

Good to know, right?

Notice too that he says self-observation, not self-criticism or making yourself wrong for not being “perfect all the time”.  Just felt the need to point that out, because I’ve been there, and done that one, and you may relate to that as well! The need to be perfect is often driven by leftover residue from years of being graded, or assessed by someone else’s standards, desires or preferences. Thus … the need to cultivate being the source of your own approval, as I mention more than a few times in my book.  You being the source of your own approval is needed, if you want to be powerfully and authentically your Self!

Self-criticism is never helpful, however, loving self-awareness is!

So, being present is the place to start, and once you’re aware, then what?  Do you just stop multitasking, focus fully on what you’re doing, and simply observe the current condition?

Being present isn’t just about not multitasking … it is seeing from your Higher Awareness.

And Being on Purpose is Higher Awareness + Higher Choosing!

It might look something like this for you. As you go about your day, you feel aware, engaged, and on purpose! You feel fulfilled and happy, not because conditions have to be perfect, or everything is checked off the list …  but because you are seeing and choosing, in a way, that is in harmony with your soul, your true perspective! You feel connected to life and an understanding that nourishes and supports you in a deep and powerful way.  You experience unconditional well-being.

You’re able to choose consciously, rather than being led by every random thought. You are in the drivers’ seat! You also have access to support and knowledge that transcends the past, external conditions, or mental reasoning.

When you are on purpose, you can observe your emotions, without being consumed by them, and you can see your own thinking, let it go, continue to cultivate it or steer it in a more powerful direction if you like.  You can observe other people’s behavior too, not through a story about them, but from a place of higher insight.

When you are present and on purpose

 You are in the driver’s seat!

When we think we should be somewhere else, other than where we are at the current moment, we lose presence and rob ourselves of deeper fulfillment and understanding. We forget what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. We forget who we are, and are not observing what is, or consciously creating what we want. Am I present all the time? No, yet happily I can tell the difference when I am not, and then get present and on purpose again.

Q: So, how do we become more present and on purpose? We have to remember to do it! The more we do it, the more peace we feel, and the more we can truly see and choose!

A: We have to remember to do it! The more we do it, the more peace we feel, and the more we can truly see and choose!

Here Are 3 Powerful Ways To Experience More  Presence And Purpose:

1. Let how you feel — help you be on purpose.  Observe who you are being at the moment. You will always know by how you feel. You will always know if the Mighty-Me (Higher/Soul Perspective) is in the driver’s seat, or Mini-Me (unaware/disempowered perspective)? For example, if you’re reacting to feelings of being rushed or worried, then you’re not present, or on purpose. But if you’re noticing it, yay! That means you are now aware and can do something about it. Just by slowing down and noticing how you are feeling, you are observing your guidance system. So, you no longer have to be driven by your thoughts and emotions. Instead, you can be above them, observing and choosing, from your Higher Perspective.

You are in the drivers’ seat, on purpose!  

So, when you observe a way-of-being that you want to change … slow down and breathe deeply. By doing so, you are letting go of the energy from the previous way-of-being. Continue to breathe deeply, noticing your energy/how you feel, without judging yourself. As you slow down and breathe deeply, and as the unwanted energy dissipates   you can then hear, and respond from the  Mighty-You. As you observe with curiosity and self-love, rather than the “need to be perfect” … you can choose from a higher purpose, and cultivate what’s truly aligned with your soul or your true desires. 

Self-leadership and being on purpose means

seeing and choosing from a higher nurturing space.   

2. Smile and breathe deeply.  Tell yourself that it’s all good. Why?  Because everything has the potential to give you something of value! I love this; it’s so beautiful and powerful. You automatically feel better when you smile and see that everything has value! As you smile, you feel lighter, and with each deep breath and exhalation, from “all is well”,  you give yourself oxygen and peace. You also slow down an overly-active mind, and the feeling that there is always something you need to fix or improve! Instead, you open the doorway into the deeper Truth that’s present in whatever you are doing, or observing at the moment. This is priceless!

3. Start the day with presence and purpose. When you begin the day with a clear intention, and a powerful way-of-being, you are living as a Spiritual Being, and a Powerful Creator. You can choose to be a Stand for Wellbeing, as a Modern-Day Healer, a Champion for Higher Understanding, a Masterful Creator, or the Queen of  Your Amazing Life! You get to choose how you want to show up for yourself and others! How you see your Self really matters! So, begin the day in tune with the powerful being you are, and relish that throughout the day!

What do you want to embrace as a result of reading this message?

Choose it and use it, and then you’ll have it!

Next week, we’ll be talking about getting ready for new horizons.

Here’s to you and your ultra-fulfilling, beautiful life!

Much Love,



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