It’s About How You’re Looking At It

One of my guides once said; “IT (and that means everything) all depends on how you look at it!”  You may have heard it before …  but I’m asking you, on behalf of your unclaimed potential, and the dreams that may have been put on the back shelf until someday … to give this a second look!

If we pause, and look at this simple, yet profound statement, we start to feel the creative power within the words.

“IT all depends on how you look at it”… points to the power we have to shape our experiences in our relationships, at work, and in the areas of finances, self-worth, and the dreams and goals we’re willing to embrace.

If we expect  life to be hard, for example, we will experience life that way, regardless of the circumstances.  Because from that particular vantage point, difficulties and frustrations will show up. We’ll even add extra steps and detours … because it can’t be simple. Our mind will not be able to see the easy path, the opportunities right in front of us, or how the energy of play and lightness are our best friends, especially when we want a creative solution or clarity about the next best steps.

And the beauty in this message also satisfies the simplicity we seek!

We always know how we’re looking at IT , because we can see the results that perspective produces, and we can feel the emotional and physical impact every day.

You have an amazingly creative ability, that is always available to you, and it works like a magic wand! It is inside the magic of choosing, how do I want to look at this?  The answer you choose will determine what you can attract, and how you will experience your life!

We can’t possibly control every circumstance, and we’re not meant to. Sometimes, things happen that we wish we didn’t have to deal with, and sometimes we haven’t yet seen the gifts in them. But, we can choose a vantage point that allows us to rise above what has happened, so we can be in a  higher, more complete perspective, and choose from that place of clarity and  love!

You can start wielding your super powers anytime by asking; how do I really want to look at this? 

To your power and grace!


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