It Just Works!

Have you ever wondered what to do when something isn’t working, or when you’re feeling confused or feel like you need a reboot? Then you’re in the right place! In this week’s video, we’ll talk about a powerful practice that’s fun and it just works!

Length: 10 1/2 Powerful Minutes! 

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It Just Works

Welcome to this week’s message It Just Works! Have you ever wondered what to do when something isn’t working, or when you’re feeling confused or feel like you need a reboot? Then you’re in the right place.

This week’s message comes right out of the Just Believe deck. If you’re not familiar with them, they are the companion cards I created after publishing my book. They are a powerful tool for staying on your soul path and expanding your experience of awesome in your life!

For this week’s message, I asked the Universe what you most needed to hear this week. And here’s what appeared — my greeting card from the deck!

Not the other cards, but the introduction card. So, let’s go with this and see what it says.

Dear Friend,

You’ve always been surrounded by evidence of your magnificence. It is everywhere! As a powerful creator, you’re here in the sandbox of time and space — for the joy of creating and expanding! You are here to be fully expressed as the powerful creator that you are! The tool by which you create is … “It Is Done Unto You, As You Believe”. This universal principle is at the foundation of everything that shows up in your life! I know that many of you are very familiar with this principle and use it with great skill and awareness. And that being said, I have also found, in my own experience, that sometimes it’s really, really, really, (did I say really) good to reconnect with the basic principles by which we create our experiences. And this is especially true if you are ever feeling confused or out-of-sorts in any way. For me, this has been an interesting week, so I know I needed this too.

When we come back to the basic building blocks, what often happens is we deepen our understanding and ability to use these principles. We are evolving and that means that we are moving into new territory with varying degrees of frequency. This is when it’s especially important to come back to the fundamentals. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to get disoriented and confused with all of the information that’s out there. And that’s when self-doubt or unwanted detours can surface.

So, let’s immerse ourselves in this core spiritual principle, of love and belief, so you can powerfully navigate on your soul path, under all to choose soul supported goals

What you focus on, you invest your energy in. It’s like depositing money in the bank of the universe. You feed whatever you give your attention to, and with enough time and focus, you begin to believe whatever you’re looking at or telling yourself. And this is true whether the object of your focus is empowering you … or making your life feel hard. This is also true, whether you are seeing what’s working really well in your life, or if you’re focusing more of your energy and attention on what appears to not be working. Remember, it’s always done unto you as you believe or perceive.

This means that how you focus and invest your energy is really important. Remember how we started this conversation? You’ve always been surrounded by evidence of your magnificence. It’s everywhere! And when you see more of that magnificence, guess what happens? You get more of that magnificence, as you are creating in the sandbox of time and space!

A Powerful Practice That Just Works

So, one of the most powerful and awesome practices that will keep you oriented toward that magnificence … is to consciously choose to see more of what you love and appreciate, and what is already working well in your beautiful life.

So, if you don’t already have a daily practice for staying in alignment with your awesomeness, with your magnificence and the wonder in the world that’s within and around you, then now might be the perfect time to start or to reignite one. Check-in with your intuition, and see if this is calling you.

So, Here’s One Of My Favorite Practices For Celebrating Life And Expanding What I Love:

Once or twice a day, give yourself a powerful, revitalizing, nurturing gift. Sit down in a quiet, peaceful place and write a list of twenty-five or more things that are working well for you. You can alternate this with a list of things you love and appreciate about yourself and your life. Here’s a word of caution. Do not turn this into a task or a “have to”, because doing that strips the joy and the power from this practice. Anytime we make something a “have to” or a chore, we will not want to do it, because we’ve changed the energy around it.

We are focusing on something all day, every day. Most people do not do so on purpose, with a positive intention. With this practice, you are investing your precious energy and attention on events, people, things, attributes or adventures that you love, that you appreciate, that are already working well for you! And, what happens when you direct your energy and attention in that way? You are feeding what you truly want! You are cultivating magnificence. So, you get more events, people, adventures, attributes and things to appreciate and love and that work well for you. Life works, that is what happens!

This practice works best when you allow yourself to feel the love and the appreciation, as you write your list of twenty-five things to celebrate about your life. And if you find that you’re repeating yourself a lot, that’s okay, or you may want to look at different areas of your life to mix it up a bit. Look at things you’ve learned, gifts you’ve received, what you love and appreciate about yourself and those around you, past or current adventures, or events you’re in the process of creating. There is so much to love and appreciate. There is so much that’s already working well!

This simple, yet powerful practice works miracles. It expands what you can create and attract, it puts you in a powerful state of clarity and joy, and you also start to get the value of who you are and what you already have. Feel free to send me a message and let me know what opens up for you out of watching this video or doing this practice.

It is my intention that these messages remind you of your magnificence, as you expand your creative mastery. Here’s to more of life’s magic! And here’s to you!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next week!

Much Love,


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