Invest In What You Truly Love

When you commit your attention to something, it has value for you. You are telling the Universe that what you’re focused on — matters to you. You care about and want more of that. This is true, regardless of the object of your focus. Whether you’re choosing a perspective that’s empowering or disempowering … praising or complaining … expanding or shrinking … whatever you give your attention to, you are loving that, or believing that into existence.

If you have an aspect of your life that you want to transform, or if you want to flourish in a bigger way, invest your precious perspective in a different way.

What way of focusing would expand whatever it is, that you want to experience?

What you receive — depends on how you focus. Your perspective, your attitude, your expectations are the faith that you are creating with.

And your faith is your currency!

When we place our faith in positive outcomes, in ease, in love, we are cultivating more of those wonderful experiences. The opposite is also true. Complaints bring more things to complain about, and thinking something is going to be hard, will produce more hardship.

But, when we focus on something with love and positive expectation, it’s like making a deposit in the universal bank of awesomeness! Your home, your work, your relationships, your finances, your happiness — all reflect the attitude you’re cultivating.

What do you want to care about? Where do you want to invest your energy?

The answer is found in what you want to expand in your life, and how you truly want to feel on your soul path. If you want to create something new, what matters most is not the past, what’s already been created, or what is. Rather, what matters now — is how you are investing your faith in the current moment. That is what is creating your future.

Be willing to believe that you can have what you truly want in life.

The same will and energy that attracts a less-than-ideal experience, can be redirected powerfully with an expectation of thriving. From a joyful family gathering to a multimillion-dollar project, it all comes from choosing it and then allowing it to come to you. Whatever your heartfelt dreams and desires may be, they are within your reach, if you are willing to believe that they are possible.

Life is full of opportunities to create real value for yourself and others. When you give your attention to something you really care about, your fulfillment and happiness will grow rapidly.

Invest in your wellbeing and in what you truly love. Show interest in what you want to expand, give it your time and loving attention.

Expect what you love to grow, and you will bring new value into your life, and into your world every day.

Much Love,










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