Into the Great I AM

…never shall there come a time

when that which I am convinced that I am shall fail to find me. – Neville Goddard

I Am…

Copy (2) of IamthatisgoodWhatever comes after these three mighty letters is your world. How you see yourself, lines you up with all kinds of wonderful, or not so wonderful experiences. Your reality is as it is, because of the expectations you hold about yourself, and your life.

So when you upgrade what you expect from yourself, everything that flows from that, in other words, what you think is possible, your energy level, your emotions, your expectations, how you relate to others, whether you experience life as easy or hard …. everything gets upgraded too. Why? Because everything flows from the way you see yourself! Yes, everything. If you see yourself as powerful, you stand taller, feel confident, and know that no situation, or desire is bigger than you are! If you see yourself as uncertain, or weak, you’ll feel the impact of that as well.

This is why I chose the title “Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything!” for the book I released last December. When you have faith in yourself, when you see yourself as wise, capable, happy, effervescent, or whatever other wonderful state-of-being you want to enjoy… you open up a door to experience that reality.

This being true, why not enter into the Great I Am, with deep appreciation? We were given powerful tools- language, awareness, and the freedom to choose what we want to experience. I Am is the means by which we shape our world.

How do you want to see yourself and your life?


– a powerful Spiritual Being

– beautiful and magnificent

– wise

– aligned with the good I desire

– a masterful manifester

– a money magnet

– steady, centered and strong


– worthy of all that I desire and more

peace, sweet blissful peace

– the source of my own approval

evolving with grace and ease

free to experience anything I desire

expecting the best

– one with Great Spirit

– seeing Truth

– claiming my divine inheritance

– efficient and effective

loving myself, and my life


– far more than I can see with my physical eyes

playful and happy

– willing, ready, and able to receive the absolute best that life has to offer

And so it is!justbelieve_trasparentbg

Expanding your concept of what’s possible is easy, when you consciously use the I AM to expand how you see yourself. Wrap yourself in loving expectation. Do this when your feet first touch the floor in the morning, when you brush your teeth, get into your car, as you walk, and before entering conversations with others… whenever you are called, declare yourself to be who you truly are!

Think BIG, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING thoughts, that are worthy of youFor every one of these I Am statements is True! And they feel great, because they affirm the Truth about who you truly are!

Did I mention you were absolutely amazing? You might want to add that to your list too!

Walk in beauty,



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