In-Synch With Soul Attunements

Your private coaching program is a powerful life-changing journey! You are becoming YOU!

Anytime you want to create something new,  fulfill a heartfelt dream or desire, or be more fully Self/Soul-expressed … you are being called to step up in a bigger way!  You are being called to connect with who you are in a BIGGER, TRUER way. When you say YES, you experience more juice and aliveness because you are following the path that your soul is lighting up for you!  Your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul … calling your forth the who YOU truly are! You are being called to expand your concept of what is possible, to expand! It is what you are wired for it. Following your Higher Self, Being Your Higher Self IS a great source of joy! To live a life of joy and fulfillment means showing up as the BIG YOU!

Be The Big You & Life Works!

From Soul, You Can Create Anything!

Your heartfelt dreams and desires call you to BE your Awesome, Delightful and Powerful Self as you play in the sandbox of time and space!

It’s such an honor to be with you on this powerful journey!

Your Guided In-Synch with Your Soul Attunements

Soul Joy Here are two of the many tools you can use to move into greater harmony with your higher guidance, clarity, joy, and purpose!

** How to Get the Most Out of these Recordings: **

You’ll find two powerful, declarative in-synch with your soul guided meditations on this page. The first version is about 15 minutes long and moves at a slightly faster pace. It’s about embodying your soul qualities!
The other is about 11 minutes long and moves at a slower pace. It’s also recorded at a slightly different energy frequency.  You may want to try both to see which one you prefer or rotate using them. Whatever you choose,  you will be blending more of your nonphysical/higher qualities and energy  … with your physical perspective and energy.  You’ll be upgrading your way of being so you can show up more consistently as the Higher, Wiser  YOU!
The sound frequencies and declarations are tuned to the frequency of love and soul awareness. You’ll notice a pause after each declaration. This is by design, so you can state the declaration for yourself, after each in-synch with your soul statement.  Making these declarations, combined with the faint sound waves in the background, create a very empowering and expansive experience.  You’re anchoring more of your soul qualities into your daily experience!
You’ll find that you become more relaxed, more at peace, and more fully Soul-expressed as you use these attunements and continue on through your program.

Feel your energy rising, as you claim a deeper connection and awareness!

life purposeTIME FOR EXPANDING: 15 to 20 Minutes to Reflect and Journal
1) Download one of both files to your computer, phone or tablet.
2) Listen in a quiet location. You can use earphones, earbuds or listen through the speaker on your listening device, whichever feels most powerful to you! After each declaration there is a pause, so you can repeat the declaration aloud, or in your mind. You may want to try doing it silently and aloud, so you can see which feels most powerful to you.
3) Breathe deeply and relax completely as you listen. As you repeat a declaration, notice your energy becoming lighter, more expansive, more powerful, playful… notice how you experience it.
4) After listening to one of the In Synch with your Soul guided meditations, write about your experience in your journal. Here are three questions you can use to help you expand the benefit of this experience. Choose one or all as a starting point, or as you are guided.
What did you most resonate with as you listened and made your declarations today?
What is now possible as you live from this higher awareness?
How do you want to use this new awareness?
 This inquiry allows you to anchor what you are getting, in a deeper way.
Follow your inner guidance as you use this and the other tools and practices in your program. Many people find that they receive immense benefits when they use this practice daily for a period of 10 to 14  days, then 1- 3 times per week afterward.  I can give you recommendations if you like.
This is also an opportunity to observe your own way-of-being.  The key is to let it all work for you. If you find that putting a reminder on your calendar, or a post-it note helps you stay present to your practices or tools, then use that. If you remember automatically, because you have chosen to, or have tied it to another daily habit, then do that. If you forget a day, trust that everything is always working out for your highest benefit and it will! Just come back, and allow yourself to be supported and nurtured! 

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: You can listen using the player on this page, or download it to your device (recommended) by right or left clicking the download link, and then save it to your preferred device. This way you have this special experience in your personal library. From a PC or Mac, Right Click on the Download Link and choose “Save Link or File As”  or “Download Linked File” to save the file to your computer. You may also click the download link to save the audio file to your cellphone or tablet, depending on your operating system. If you’re saving this file to a cellphone or tablet, the file will be saved in the location where you access the music or audio files on your device.

In-Synch With Your Soul Attunement I

Peace And Soul-Level Confidence

Length: 15 Minutes 30 Seconds

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In Synch with Your Soul Attunement II

Expanding Purpose And Joy

Length: 11 Minutes 16 Seconds
This is a very powerful way to accelerate and expand the benefits of your program!
If you have any questions, as you’re going through this in-synch with your soul attunement process, let me know!

Sending you love!


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