At The Heart Of How The World Works

What we believe to be true about ourselves and how the world works … is at the heart of everything we experience.  Everything emanates from that, and we have unlimited freedom to create whatever we want, each according to our individual beliefs.

So I offer you these powerful possibilities for seeing yourself and your world. Which ones resonate with you? What might expand or open up for you, if you took them on?

Here are this week’s “I Believe Possibilities”…

 I Believe:

~ that I am clear. I know what to do now for my greatest good!

~ I am magnificent and worthy of my own love and approval!

~ that all of the resources I need are within and around me now.

~ that life is beautiful! I am always supported, even when I can’t yet see it yet!

~ in Magic with a Capital M. It’s all around me, everywhere present. I now allow it to work on my behalf.

~ in embracing my heartfelt dreams and desires. And I am now willing to believe that what I want is possible. It’s done!

~ that I am loved more than words could ever say!

And so it is!

Have an awesome week and embrace every bit of your power and perfection!

Believe in yourself and your life, without limits!


P. S. For a beautiful road map to unshakeable confidence get a powerful book, with a big magic wand! Just believe… it’s where the Magic Happens!

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