How I Came to Know The Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree is a place where I go to ponder about life and the nature of reality. I have been working with a group of Guides I call  The Council of Eight for many years now.  Along with the council of these Spirit Guides, I enter and peruse a vast library of knowledge about life,  and our place in it.

My journey into the Sacred Tree began when I woke up from a sound sleep many years ago with a very abrupt tap and energy jolt, that brought me quickly upright. There at the foot of my bed stood a Native American man in native dress. Despite the abrupt wake-up call, I didn’t believe what I was seeing.

My mind quickly grasped for a logical answer; I must be dreaming I thought. So I looked at my visitor and said; “you’re not real”. He smiled knowingly and replied; “Yes, I Am”.  And as I laid back down to sleep,  the last thought I remember thinking was … if you’re real, then prove it.  I got the distinct impression he was smiling at me as I drifted back to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, I found a feather on my left shoulder. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, other than something really strange, and special had just happened. I searched for logical answers but found no explanation.  I had no birds in the house, no feather comforters or pillows.  The windows were not open, and no one else was in the house.  What might be obvious to you,  took me some time to realize, I had just been given an official wake up call.

So much has happened since then, and many things are not explainable if we simply look at life with your five physical senses. One thing I do know with certainty now is that there is a realty much wider, and far more vast than the physical reality that we look at every day.

There is a beautiful way of living that is both “count-on-able” and miraculous. It is available to us when we let ourselves believe. My Guides once told me, that where we stand is sacred soil. We are each unique and precious, and interconnected in ways that we can not even imagine, from a purely “human perspective.” There is a vast web of life of which we are part, and when one moves, we all do!

Up until the point of my wake-up call, my life was good but ordinary.  I was a Vice President working in a corporate setting.  I had spent over 20 years working in the business world. I grew up in Catholic schools but walked away from that particular philosophy after graduating from college in the ealry eighties. I just couldn’t reconcile the dogma with what I felt at my core to be True.  It didn’t feel right to me that one religion or philosophy could be the official connection to God, or one religion could be better than another, or even the best fit for everyone.

I personally believed as a child, and still do, that all paths ultimately lead to “the Center”, a higher knowing, a place where we come to know ourselves as we truly are… magnificent, powerful and beautiful!

So I consider myself spiritual, but not religious.  I have always had a lot of questions about how life worked,  and why we are here. I’ve always wanted to understand the deeper meaning and the higher purpose of almost everything under the sun, and into the reaches of space and time, for that matter!

Since my official wake-up cal, l’ve journaled volumes writing the answers to life’s questions. and then I stepped away for awhile. I can see that was necessary so that I could grow in other ways that were needed for my spiritual path, and what I am here to discover and do.

I am now stepping into my life purpose in a deeper way , to shine a light on the magic and the miracle of life and who we truly are! I have come out of the closet you could say!

Which is why I am offering up these messages.

I am being guided to share these writings weekly, or as inspired. There are many events right now that could have us believe that there’s  a lot “wrong with the world”. But this is not true.  There is a higher purpose and a divine order in all we experience, both the wanted and what seems to be unwanted.

You and I are a miracles,  and it is an honor and a privilege to be alive!

My Primary Guide, who woke me up all those years ago, is still with me, and he also gave me my name, Onawa. I’ll tell you more about that later.  He is also a member of  my Sacred Council, what I affectionately call,  “The  Council of 8”, although there are  not always eight in attendance. They come and go as needed.

Anyway, it was my Indian Guide, my friend and love from ages past, who showed me The  Sacred Tree. All its wonders are there, awaiting the telling of their treasures to assist us in understanding who we truly are, and to connect us to the miracle and the magic, the sacred in the everyday.  I have seen volumes there, and what is needed and wanted will be shared.     I am excited to see what will unfold, and am so happy that you have decided to join me on this adventure!

Let’s see what is there for us!

Walk in Beauty,


Elari Onawa

Messenger, Guide,  Ancient Healer & Scribe

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