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We’re all born with a sense of adventure and purpose. And if you’re like most people, you’re searching for deeper meaning, fuller Soul-expression and a definition of success and happiness that lights you up!  The important thing to remember, when we’re talking about greater purpose or fulfillment is that —  what you deem worthy of giving your days to —  that deeper meaning and fulfillment you’re looking for,  requires exploration, and a willingness to believe that you can find it, and live it too!  Yet, in my experience, there’s no better way to invest your time and energy, then to look for, and discover, what really lights you up, and then live from that authentic, inspired place. This is what makes the difference between going through the motions, living on autopilot, and living with passion and purpose.    Read More 

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

These private coaching and mentoring sessions connect you to a more fulfilling way to live, work and play! Power, clarity and purpose emerge in everything you do! Read More

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Inspiring Stories


Your dreams and desires call you forth to who you truly are. Check out these inspiring stories to see what’s possible and allow your sacred dreams to fly!  Read More

My Latest Book

Just Believe: How Faith in Yourself Shifts Everything Elari Onawa

Fear isn’t what most people think it is, and it never has to stop you.  Learn how to embrace your heartfelt dreams and desires with confidence and ease. Order it Here!

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