Soul Guidance And Emotional Freedom

In this week’s message, you’ll discover what your emotions are really telling you and why that is so important to your happiness and wellbeing.  HERE ARE SOME IMPORTANT HINTS: 

Your Emotions Are: 
– Not about them! 
– Not about that unwanted event and 
– Not caused by past or current circumstances. Hmmm…
Getting what you’re about to learn in this video training message is so important if you want to rise above conflict, taking things personally, or getting swept away by events or other people’s opinions
You must understand what your emotions are really telling you … so you can benefit from every single emotion and navigate life in powerful ways … so you can get a higher level of guidance and respond rather than react to life.  This is where true freedom is found. Plus, you’ll discover how to quickly shift when you’re feeling upset by another’s comment and understand the source of your emotions and why that really matters! 
Let’s do this!

Time to Soul Clarity: About 16 Liberating Minutes

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Your Happiness And Soul Guidance

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Self-Discovery and Life On Purpose Coach since 2003 and I’m also the author of “Just Believe How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything”. Welcome to training messages for being your most fulfilled self.

In last week’s message Freedom From Conflict And Taking Things Personally I talked about how your emotions tell you about the meaning you’re placing on comments or events that occur as you interact with others.

This week, we’ll explore the wonderful and rich world of your emotions. Welcome to Soul Guidance And Emotional Freedom.

Let’s start by looking at 4 Reasons Why Understanding Your Emotions Is So Important. This isn’t something we typically learn in school and so it is one of the most misunderstood aspects of being human. It’s the source of a lot of unnecessary pain and unwanted habits and patterns, so let’s shed some light on this wonderful aspect of ourselves.

4 Reasons Why Understanding Your Emotions Is So Important

1. If we don’t understand the source of our emotions, we can get swept away by them, make hasty choices, or fall into the trap of blaming others or outside circumstances for how we feel. These, like all counter-to-happiness responses, get in the way of our ability to live from our true, authentic and powerful Higher Selves. And we all know that when we live from that awesome inner power, life works, because we are in the driver’s seat, living with purpose and higher awareness.

2. If we disregard or undervalue our emotions, we live too much from the mental level. From here, life becomes all about doing and figuring things out. And we close ourselves off from feeling life’s magic and joy. Feeling is required for joy, happiness, and fulfillment, what we experience as “the good stuff”, the juice of life! So, we want to value our emotions, they are so important. We can’t be happy without them, right?

3. When you understand what your emotions are really telling you, you have instant guidance that’s thousands-of-times faster and far more accurate than trying to figure things out through deductive reasoning or endless research. Through the emotional level, you’re able to quickly get to the heart of who you truly are, what you really want, and the best actions to take next.

4. Your emotions are one of the fundamental ways you receive guidance from Higher-Self, the Soul or the Nonphysical or Spiritual aspect of you! This connection points you to the most fulfilling paths and gives you a profound sense of peace and wellbeing, regardless of external conditions. Your emotions play a key role in living from Soul or Higher Self.

We get a lot of training about using the mental level in school. We learn how to memorize, categorize, rationalize, weigh options and how to be logical. These are handy skills to have, but these skills are only one tiny microscopic aspect of you.

Here’s a question that illustrates what happens when we don’t use our emotions for the purpose they are best suited for. Have you ever made a decision, such as a career or job choice, for example, because it seemed like the logical choice, only to regret it later?

This is much more common than you may think. Many people choose a job or career, based on the earning potential, or based on someone’s advice, and then later discover that they don’t like that choice. Then, what often happens is they feel trapped by that choice, especially if they’ve been on a career path for a while. This can also happen in relationships.

But, when you learn more about your awesome self, which includes your emotional level, you discover a whole new world. New possibilities, that previously weren’t seen, can open up for you. So, you no longer feel trapped or limited by current circumstances or past decisions. Instead, you can see powerful options and more fulfilling paths when you bring your emotions into your decisions. This is why I teach people how to develop their ability to access their emotional, intuitive and higher guidance in every program that I do. This is so important!

If you want to navigate life well, you want to understand and use your best possible guidance system!

So, you can see that your emotions are a very important part of you. Which now takes us to one of the most important things you can learn about yourself, and that is what your emotional level tells you about you and your happiness.

What Your Emotions Are Telling You

On the most basic level, your emotions tell you something about the meaning you’re placing on the events in your life. And they also tell you something about your preferences and desires. And a strong feeling tells you something about what really matters to you. And when you know what really matters, you have deeper insights into who you truly are, and how you really want to show up in the world, at work, at home, when connecting with friends and as you create your life. Knowing what matters to you allows you to make choices that are in harmony with that, so you can feel happy and fulfilled and be on purpose.

Let’s Look At An Example

Let’s say that you are triggered or angered by a conversation in the political arena, at home, on the news, or on social media. This can be really good when you stay rooted in your Higher Self. A strong emotion, whether you express it or not, points to something that really matters to you. But, what exactly is it?

Let’s say you observe something that you feel is unkind. If we come from the perspective of mini-me, the smaller-self perspective, we might feel the need to attack, or we might feel hurt, want to withdraw or avoid looking at the event that triggered the strong emotion. Defending, hiding, or blaming the event or other people for how you feel are all typical reactions when we misinterpret the source of our emotions. And if we ignore or bury the emotion, we don’t get the insights or the gifts and will most likely experience that unwanted event or trigger again.

How Do You Get The Message or Guidance From Your Emotions?

Well, I could fill several books and a multi-week program to really answer that, but let’s start with some basics.

What’s the treasure within a strong emotion? If, for example, you get angry when noticing someone is being unkind, that means that you value kindness, not a little, but a lot. And if you look at it further and observe that this is a pattern for you, that you get angry when you feel people are being treated unkindly, then you now know that kindness is a core value for you. It matters to you! Yay! Now, ask yourself; what do I really want to do with this information? How can I use this in a positive and fulfilling way?

Here’s an important tip. We always want to start with ourselves and our own lives, rather than making a feeling about the other person or an outside event. Your emotions tell you something about you!

In this example, recognizing that kindness really matters to you, might point to a personal mission, or way-of-being that is fulfilling to you. You’ve discovered something powerful about yourself! To get the most out of these insights about yourself, you can now apply them to specific situations in your life. They are guiding you like a compass. If you’re feeling out of harmony in a key relationship, for example, you might ask yourself:

– What does kind look like from my vantage point?
– Am I treating this person with kindness, or am I forcing my point-of-view onto them?
– Do they feel heard when they interact with me?
– How do I want to show up as I interact with others?

Soul Values

These questions help you interact with the world in a way that is congruent and in harmony with your core or soul values. This is so important because you can’t feel unconditionally fulfilled or happy if you don’t recognize and embody what you value, what truly matters to you.

When you ask yourself questions about why you feel a certain way, you’ll discover so many wonderful aspects about your awesome self and what really lights you up!

The Soul Level Insight to remember here is this — how you feel is always about you, your meaning, and your personal preferences. This is so important, I’ll say it again. How you feel is always about you, your meaning, and your personal preferences. Just as you have a right to your preferences, others have a right to their own. This is what it means to be an individual, we all get to choose how we do life.

So, your feelings are never about the things you’re observing or the other person. Others are who they are. Things are as they are. You are who you are. What creates the response is the meaning you give the events in your life.

Letting Go Of The Need To React

If you ever feel triggered as you interact with others, take a deep breath and release the unpleasant energy. Just let it go, exhale it out. Remember, the emotion you are experiencing is about you and the meaning you place on the events in your life. So, if you feel angry, happy, sad, delighted it’s all your creation. You are the source of your own emotions. So, directing responsibility toward another person or an external condition misses the point completely. You’re creating your emotions and getting guidance about what matters to you and what you are in the process of creating.

So, if you are ever triggered by an unwanted emotion, breathe deeply and smile. Your smile activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness with the feel-good neurotransmitters — dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. It also keeps you from speaking from a lack of understanding. Then when you can, turn within and explore your personal truth.

Here Are Some Examples: If you feel hurt because you made a comment mean that someone was disrespectful, that tells you that you value respect. So, cultivate and be respectful, because it matters to you. If you’re upset because you feel unappreciated, appreciate yourself and others, again because you value it and want to experience it, because it matters to you! If you get angry at unkindness, that means that you value and desire kindness. So be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Give yourself and the world what you hold in high regard, because it matters to you, and allow others to do the same. We are not meant to be clones with the same sets of preferences and ways-of-being. We all have the right to choose how we want to interact with the world.

Your emotions are yours.

They guide you to what you value, who you want to be, and what you want to create for your life. When we get this, we are free because we no longer feel the need to control others or outside conditions in order to feel good! And we all now that’s not even possible, no matter how hard we may try. Everyone gets to choose who they want to be and how they want to act. This is a requirement for being a self, an individual.

This is the ultimate doorway to peace and happiness – embracing your emotions as yours, and seeing that you are the source of all of it!

This is good. You have an amazing guidance system and access to the language of your soul. Moment-by-moment you are getting invaluable feedback about what you value and what you are in the process of creating. Life is good!

If you received new or helpful insights today, share this video message with others! Spread the peace and the freedom! And if you don’t already subscribe to my weekly messages for living from your best self and creating your best life, you can do that here. I’ll see you next week!

Much Love,


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