Your Goals, Your Purpose, Your Gifts

In this week’s message, you’ll discover why my front yard, and perhaps yours too, is a perfect metaphor for creating more of what you truly want in life. You’ll also discover the biggest gifts you receive when you say yes to your heartfelt desires, and it may not be what you think it is.

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Your Goals, Your Purpose, Your Gifts

In this week’s message, you’ll discover why my front yard, and perhaps yours too, is a perfect metaphor for creating more of what you truly want in life. You’ll also discover the biggest gifts you receive when you say yes to your heartfelt desires, and it may not be what you think it is.

Hi, I’m Elari Onawa, I’ve been a Life On Purpose Coach since 2003. That’s when I took the leap from 20+ years of successful corporate leadership positions to helping people discover more purpose and passion.  I’m also the author of   Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!

Welcome to this week’s message for living your version of awesome, welcome to “Your Goals, Your Purpose, Your Gifts ”

You could say that flowers are like people. They grow faster and blossom when they are loved and cared for. Your heartfelt goals and dreams are like that too.

They begin as seeds, as inspiring ideas, then they emerge from the soil of infinite possibilities. If planted in good soil, and watered, they grow into a bud … until they blossom fully, radiating for you to see, experience, and to appreciate with your physical senses.

The seed grows from its current form into an expanded version of itself.

A rose bush does not start as a bush or a rose; it begins as a seed. When I moved into my current home, there was little more than grass and a whole lot of dirt in the yard. But over the years, my partner Alex and I have planted many different varieties of plants and flowers. The dahlia didn’t begin as that flower. It started as a seed, as a possibility, an idea of what could be … just as the peppers, peaches, geraniums, and hibiscus started as seeds, from a possibility of what they would someday become.

And even though they no longer resemble the tiny seeds from which they sprang, they all started as something smaller than they now are, maybe what you might even consider bland-looking as they gestated under the soil, as a possibility. Then, those seeds blossomed into something more beautiful, expressive and colorful as they grew, as they reached for the sun for their divine potential.

We are a lot like that too, as we grow into our heartfelt dreams and desires.

We start off with certain beliefs and ideas about who we are and what is possible. Then an idea or a desire emerges. Those heartfelt desires are like the small seeds. They can grow into something brighter and more magnificent. But, in order to become what they could be, a choice has to be made.

Do you really want this desire? Do you want the flower enough to plant it in good soil and then water it so it will grow? If so, the seed has to be planted. Then growth or expansion in some form, will be needed for the seed or the dream to become something more, something bigger and more beautiful than it is as a seed.

So, when you declare a heartfelt choice or desire, be sure to plant it in rich soil.

How do you create rich soil?

By believing in yourself and your abilities, even before there is absolute proof that you are right in doing so. As I share in my book “Just Believe,” this is the definition of belief:

  • To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.
  • To have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something or someone.
  • And, as I describe in my book, to believe is to exist in love, it is to nurture something into existence. how to create what you want

Just like the seeds that are planted in rich soil, we grow into our goals by expanding our concept of what is possible, by believing that we can have them.

We enrich the soil of our mind garden through self-love, playfulness and sincere appreciation. We cultivate our seeds by nurturing empowering perspectives and in doing so, become even more than we already are.

The seeds have to push through the soil to reach the sun. So too, must we grow, as individuals, if we are to realize our true desires. Growth comes with the territory. Every heartfelt goal, every dream starts as an idea and when nurtured, it grows. And just like the seed that has to push through the soil, sometimes we need to break through an old paradigm or habit in order to have what is calling us forth. We can water the goals with encouraging self-talk, positive expectations and the sun is the joy we cultivate, as we feel ourselves coming into harmony with our dreams and desires. It really is a beautiful journey, this growing into our goals. It’s not about the destination, because we’ll always have more to create!

We become more than we once were through this process of discovery and growth. We become more, we evolve and grow.

My Spirit Guides once told me that your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul. They call you forth to who you truly are. So, like the radiant flower in full bloom, like the realization of your genuine desires, you are more than the flower or the goal. You are the one who allows that desire to come forth, by the way in which you cultivate the garden of your magnificent mind. You are the chooser, the harmonizer and the allower of your desires. And as you say yes to what you truly want, you are growing and expanding, as you are wired to do. And therein is your joy, the expansion of your awesome self as you observe, choose, plant and nurture your heartfelt desires.

In all of this beautiful journey, you become more than what you once were, like the seeds. As an eternal being, you will naturally be called to explore and expand into greater states of awareness, understanding, purpose, abilities, and ways-of-being. If this weren’t true, if you were not wired to grow, you’d be stagnant, without purpose or the possibility of growing or experiencing anything other than what you currently are. And that is not life.

When you embrace your heartfelt dreams and desires in addition to the new desired outcome, you also receive the gifts of purpose, expanded skills and abilities and sates-of-consciousness. You expand your concept of what is possible and you receive the adventure and become more than you were before.

You are called forth to grow and believe.

Every moment of a heartfelt dream or goal’s evolution can be a source of joy. When we delight in our dreams, and see them unfolding in divine perfection, when we see the journey as the source of joy that it is meant to be, we are watering our dreams with love. And when we trust in the inevitable transformation, we allow more ease and grace into our lives.

For the universe always answers. And as we move into joyful action, we are right where we knew we’d be, as we came forth to play in the sandbox of time and space, living the divine dream. And so it grows!

Here are some questions to contemplate for your own beautiful journey.

1. What dreams or desires do you genuinely want to cultivate?

2. Who do you think you’ll become as you grow into those heartfelt desires and what would that feel like?

3. Are you willing to believe and cultivate that it can be joyfully so?

And so it is!

The seeds you plant and nurture today become tomorrow’s flowers. And what blossoms and grows is you! So, the gifts are not only the realized dream but the journey, the expansion and who you become as you grow into your heartfelt goals and desires.

Enjoy what you’ve created as you also celebrate what and who is in the process of becoming. Enjoy your goals, your purpose, and your gifts!

I invite you to use this message to create conversations that empower and inspire. You can use the video and the questions I include here to get you started.  If you’re a subscriber, you can forward this week’s message by clicking on the forward button in your email, or you can choose from the plethora of sharing options below the video.

Believe in your awesome self without limits or conditions. Thank you for watching and sharing the love.

I’ll see you next week!

Much Love, 


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