Creating Peace And Calm

One of the many fulfilling aspects of being a life coach is that I get to see patterns in human behavior, and those patterns are often seasonal, influenced by current events, and our “joint opportunities” to grow together in consciousness. One of the patterns that has come up a lot recently in client conversations is the pattern of stress, “busyness” and overwhelm. So, let’s explore how to transform these experiences into feelings of peace and calm because we all know that when we’re coming from a centered, higher perspective, we are at our best. And life works!

To be at our best, we need to give ourselves space … space to just be, space to smile, and the room to observe and reflect. Space is like the area between letters, sentences, paragraphs and in the margins on a page. Could you imagine trying to read this right now if there were no spaces? Without space, all you’d be able to see is a solid black block of color. You wouldn’t be able to read anything, glean useful information or any enjoyment from this page …because everything would just be clumped together.

This whole page would look something like this …

Umm … not very helpful!

As you go about your day, space is needed to see what’s truly in front of you, to get clarity about  what you may want to add or release from your day. You also need space to see the perspectives or patterns of behavior that create unwanted experiences such as doing something you think you “have to” do, or feeling rushed or overwhelmed.   You need room to see how you are showing up, and what you may be making things mean and how that’s impacting you!

Peace and higher perspective require space.

In fact, when we give ourselves space, we will automatically transform feelings of overwhelm, burnout, “busyness”, hyperactivity and overdoing into … wonderful, blissful, life-giving peace. And if we stay in that gap for a bit to relish just being … we move into … tranquility, bliss, happiness, ease, and higher insights.

You’ll also notice that the stress and anxiety created if you constantly push and “overdo”, well … that is no longer present … when you slow down your thinking and give yourself more space between the events of the day. You experience sweet relief! As individuals, we get to choose moment-by-moment how we want to feel. We can remind ourselves too that …

Busy is not a virtue unless we make it one. 

What will you do for yourself today or in the days ahead to create more space, more bliss, more room to enjoy your beautiful life?

Here are some  easy-to-use reminders and simple practices to help you create more space and joy in your life for the experiences that matter most to you!  Think of it as a short yet powerful “quick-relief” guide, and it’s my gift to you! No email is required! Enjoy!

8 Ways To Create More Space And Joy In  Your Life


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