Fear Not … Seriously!


How would you like to have a powerful way of seeing fear, so you’d never be stopped by it again? Great; let’s start by looking at what’s really going on, when we feel that “oh no.. not that” feeling in the pit of our stomachs! 

If we misinterpret the emotion of fear, and follow it, as if there’s something to actually be afraid of, we’ll either fight it, or flee from it. Either way, we’re stuck with it. Yet the feeling of fear can be our friend. As with all emotions, it’s telling us something! In the case of fear, that’s our built-in alert system, telling us to pause, take a deep breath, and consider what we’re believing into existence. It’s a lot like the “Red Alert” sirens that went off on the starship Enterprise! But if we’re not dealing with Romulans, chances are we’re not in any real danger.

If we feel fear, it’s because we’re scaring ourselves!

Almost every time we’re present to fear, it’s because we’re entertaining a belief that’s disempowering us. Awesome, the alarm went off! Now we’re awake! The fear is simply reminding you…

Hey, you’ve forgotten who you truly are, a powerful creator. Wake up, snap out of it! Have fun, go play! Don’t rely on your memory banks, you’re not going to find the answer there! Imagine the best, so you can receive that!”

Anytime we’re creating something knew, we’re moving beyond where we’ve been. So, we must expand the way we see ourselves, and what’s possible. We have to be willing to believe that we can have what we want. That means saying yes to believing in ourselves, and saying no to worry, doubt and the root source of all fear… not standing for ourselves, not believing in who we truly are!

There are so many fun and powerful ways to do this! We’ll start with the most important shift, that is your rock-solid commitment to believing in yourself and your abilities!


Try these on, reading as if you’re embracing these possibilities for yourself!
I ____ am now committed to believing in myself and my life!

I believe in my ability to cultivate and nurture an empowering point-of-view!

I now allow the magic of a loving universe to enfold and uplift me!

I _____ take a deep breath, and let go. I smile and clear my mind! And as I continue to breathe deeply, and relax completely, I simply ask; what do I really want? Then I love and believe that into existence!

The most important component is to commit to believing in yourself. If you don’t, you will experience fear. But when you empower yourself, fear fades away! It has too, because love emerges naturally, when you stand for your awesomeness!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide that you matter a lot! Your opinion maters, your dreams and goals matter, and how you see yourself, and your life really matters! Be willing to love yourself, believe in yourself, and trust yourself!

What could be easier? You are after all, born of divine love! You are, after all, utterly amazing! Claim it now! Then stand by your commitment to believe in yourself and your life!

Let the magic happen!


For more powerful guidance see my book: Just Believe: How Faith In Yourself Shifts Everything!

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