A Fun and Easy Way to Expand Quickly

Follow Your HeartIn “Just Believe” I wrote about crosscurrents because they are, without a doubt, a major source of frustration for a lot of people. A crosscurrent is a belief that runs counter to, or across what you really want to experience. Let’s say you want to write a book, but you believe you don’t have “enough time”. Believing you don’t have enough time IS the crosscurrent. It’s not empowering you or supporting your desire. As long as you believe the crosscurrent, you won’t move forward. And if you do manage to push yourself into action, without upgrading the counterproductive belief, your writing experience will feel hard, disjointed or rushed.

But here’s something very powerful to get. Crosscurrents are also impeccable messengers. They show us, with absolute precision, what we need to release, so we can have what we really want. Do you ever make yourself wrong when you notice a disempowering belief?  Instead, treat it as a friendly messenger.

A crosscurrent only becomes a problem, if we resist it by making it (or ourselves) wrong, or if we continue to take it on as true. But we always have a choice, and a powerful opportunity to grow in consciousness and creative mastery! We grow and become happier, every time we expand our concept of what’s possible! When we see crosscurrents as friendly messengers and opportunities to evolve, we can quickly and easily line up with what we want, whether that’s more time, fun, ease or prosperity.

So Here’s a Fun and Easy Way to Expand Quickly:

1. Let go of the crosscurrent. Smile at it, say thank you and then release it. Imagine the crosscurrent written on a piece of paper. Now see yourself crumbling it up, and tossing it away. See it dissolving into the ethers. Wave goodbye as you let it go. Notice how much lighter and happier you feel now.

2. Replace the old idea with something that supports what you really want to experience. For example, “I am now willing to believe that I have plenty of time. I am now allowing myself to experience plenty in a fun and easy way! I now see that I can thoroughly enjoy…” Keep cultivating that way of thinking. Love your heartfelt desires into existence! Play with your new, expanded ideas, and they will quickly become fun, empowering beliefs that will enrich you for years to come.

“We believe things into existence all the time. 

So, embrace the possibilities that light you up and support you. Let yourself play in the sandbox of time and space!”

3. Stand for what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Don’t let a crosscurrent dictate an unwanted outcome. Be willing to believe in awesome, fun and easy, and you will surely expand that in your experience!

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